Update on Breast Surgery newsletter by WPI Communications, Inc.

Breast Surgeon Relations Marketing with Update on Breast Surgery

To build and maintain an optimally successful practice, breast surgeons need to communicate regularly with gynecologists, radiologists, oncologists and other referring physicians and health care providers. But how can you stay top-of-mind in a professional, consistent and memorable way?

A referral-generating breast surgeon newsletter from WPI Communications, Inc., is the answer. Update on Breast Surgery is a handsome four-page, four-color newsletter printed on high-quality paper. Each quarterly issue features summaries of the latest research findings in breast surgery.

This physician marketing tool is designed to educate referring physicians on developments in breast surgery—while reminding them of your expertise in helping their patients.

Recent breast surgeon referral newsletter articles include

  • DDT Exposure and Breast Cancer
  • The Role of Axillary Ultrasound After Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy
  • Managing Positive Axillary Nodes in Primary Breast Cancer Patients
  • Local Recurrence After Treatment for DCIS
  • The Role of Prophylactic Mastectomy
  • Timing of Breast Reconstruction and Postmastectomy Radiation
  • Breast Cancer in Pregnancy
  • Screening Ultrasound for Women with Dense Breasts
  • Screening Women with Previous Radiation for Hodgkin Disease
  • Internal Mammary Lymph Node Drainage and Breast Cancer Outcomes
  • Breast MRI for Screening, Diagnosis and Prognosis
  • MRI Features of Inflammatory Breast Cancer
  • Impact of Breast Surgery on Survival in Women with Metastatic Breast Cancer
  • Effects of Radiotherapy on Survival After Breast Conservation
  • Breast Imaging in Obese Patients
  • Cardiotoxicity in Chemotherapy-treated Patients
  • Gynecologic Care of Premenopausal Women with Breast Cancer
  • Effect of Endocrine Therapy on Bone in Breast Cancer Patients
  • Gynecomastia: Evaluation and Therapy
  • Weight Lifting and Risk of Lymphedema
  • Axillary Dissection After Positive Sentinel Lymph Node Dissection

Update on Breast Surgery is edited by Dr. Susan E. Pories, Assistant Professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Pories has published articles in the "American Journal of Surgery," "Journal of Surgical Research," "Archives of Surgery," "International Journal of Oncology" and "Oncogene". She is a peer reviewer of "Archives of Surgery."

This medical marketing newsletter can be customized with your practice name, address, telephone number, Web site address—even your photograph. We also offer additional content for practices with their own publication.

Update on Breast Surgery is geographically exclusive. Only one practice in each community is licensed to distribute it.

To become the local expert with Update on Breast Surgery or learn about our fully customized newsletters and other referral-generating options for medical specialists, call 800-323-4995 or e-mail us.

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