Money at Work newsletter by WPI Communications, Inc.

Financial Planner Marketing with Money at Work

The Money at Work newsletter is the perfect way to reach current and prospective financial clients and keep them thinking of you. It is filled with the latest information on the financial, business and tax matters most important to your clients.

With Money at Work you will

  • consistently demonstrate that you are the local financial-planning expert
  • stand out from your many competitors
  • reach current clients who will view you as a member of their personal and business advisory team
  • impress prospects and referral sources with this professional publication

Money at Work is beautifully designed and clearly written, free of technical jargon. And it is cost-effective. Without directly asking for business, each article is strategically designed to stimulate interest in the financial services and products you provide.

This financial-planning newsletter covers a range of financial services: asset allocation, retirement planning, life insurance, estate analysis, taxes, investing, capital accumulation and much more.

Recent Money at Work newsletter articles include

  • Changes on Tap for 401(k)s
  • Are You in Your Investment Comfort Zone?
  • New “Cost-basis” Rules in Play
  • Benefits of a Special-needs Trust
  • Back to Basics: How to Diversify
  • Don’t Hesitate to Designate
  • Estate Planning: Peeking Through the Clouds
  • Tap Three Sources for Retirement Income
  • Seeking Comfort in Retirement
  • Four “Talking Points” in Eldercare
  • Riding Out Market Ups and Downs
  • Create Your Own Dynasty Trust
  • Is Your 401(k) on Autopilot?
  • Securities Sales: Stay Dry
  • Six Investment Moves for Year-end
  • How to Corral Your Retirement Needs
  • Wrapping up Lifetime Gifts
  • Balance Out Risk and Reward
  • SEC Imposes New Disclosure Rules
  • Five Steps for Long-Term Investing
  • Charitable Rollovers: One Last Chance?

FINRA Reviewed
Each issue is prefiled with FINRA, which issues a “review letter.” Their reference number is printed on each page. WPI Communications, Inc., also maintains a “review” relationship with dozens of broker–dealers.

Money at Work is customized with your name, address, telephone number, Web address and photograph. Let us help you grow your business while maintaining your professional reputation. Call 800-323-4995 or e-mail us and learn how marketing with newsletters can work for you! To market your financial-planning practice even more powerfully, ask about our fully customized newsletters.

Lastly, get your free copy of 17 Ways a Client Newsletter Can Build Your Financial-Planning Practice.

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