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Reach More Referring Professionals Easily with EZ Lists

You may be able to identify your current referring professionals. However, do you know how many other health care professionals in your community could be good referral sources for you? And can you quickly and easily reach them all? You may have a printed list of attending physicians at your hospital or dentists in your area. But it is probably not very easy to use these lists for mailings.

Growing your practice means reaching out to other professionals not currently in your network. Imagine it: EZ Lists can be your conduit to communications that reach all potential referring health care professionals in your geographic area. Identifying health care professionals you do not know is often just as important as including the ones you do.

Build Your Ideal Practice with an EZ List

A complete and high-quality list of potential referring health care professionals is a critical step in continuing to grow your practice. WPI Communications, Inc., can research and generate your own unique EZ List, based on the type of referrals you would like to receive and the geographic area you would like to cover. Simply put, we can help you build your ideal practice.

Based upon a brief telephone consultation with your office, we will research and generate a newsletter mailing list that fits your individual criteria. Your list can be defined by radius, ZIP codes or by drawing the borders of your referral area.

You can be sure we will select only those types of practices from whom you wish to receive referrals. For example, if you want children referred to your practice, we will include pediatricians. If you have a particular expertise in treating patients with diabetes, we can include a complete list of endocrinologists. The possibilities with EZ Lists are endless!

Easy to Use and Up to Date

Since our research is based on yellow-page listings, you will receive a list of referral sources in private practice. We can provide your EZ List in an Excel spreadsheet or as an ASCII file. You can then import it into almost any word processing or other software program. Unlike newsletter mailing lists from hospitals and associations in printed format, EZ Lists can easily be used for mailings.

You will receive an unlimited license to use these names for an entire year. Utilize your newsletter distribution list as many times as you like during that period. And because 10% to 20% of addresses on most mailing lists are inaccurate after one year, we can even research and regenerate the list for you each year.


EZ Lists are designed to be powerful and affordable. Before we generate your newsletter mailing list, we will give you a preliminary count so you can expand or contract the criteria. You will receive a customized list that best meets your practice-building needs. Purchasing an EZ List does not obligate you to buy any other products from us or even use the entire list. It is yours to use as you deem best.

How many professional referrals would you need each month to reach your practice’s growth goals? No matter what that number is, EZ Lists from WPI Communications, Inc., will put you on track to reach your goal. And we will do it reliably, easily and affordably!

You know that referrals from other health care professionals are critical to the growth of your practice today and tomorrow. With EZ Lists, you will receive a complete, targeted and current list of every physician, dentist and other health care professional who could make referrals to your practice.

Free Telephone Consultation

Contact us today at 800-323-4995 for a free telephone consultation. We will review your practice’s needs and provide you with a written estimate of the number of potential health care professionals in your area who meet your specific and unique criteria. You have absolutely no obligation to purchase an EZ List.

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