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Marketing for Dentists with Orthodontics Alert

The most successful orthodontists are the ones that receive the most patient referrals from dentists. So how can your dental marketing help generate referrals like the top orthodontists?

Orthodontics Alert from WPI Communications, Inc., is the answer! Marketing with newsletters is a proven way for orthodontists to gain new patient referrals. This beautifully designed four-page quarterly newsletter is printed in two colors on high-quality coated paper. Each issue features summaries of the latest research findings in orthodontics, without “how to” details.

With professional and educational content beautifully delivered, this orthodontics newsletter is a cost-effective tool for dentist marketing all year long. When your colleagues receive each high-quality issue, they will think of you.

Recent orthodontics referral newsletter articles include

  • Malocclusion and Trumpet Players’ Performance Quality
  • Parental Motivation to Get Their Children Orthodontic Treatment
  • Malocclusion Anomalies and Dental Caries in Adolescents
  • Managing Congenitally Absent Maxillary Lateral Incisors
  • Text Message Reminders Impact Oral Hygiene Effectiveness
  • Relapse of Deep Bite Malocclusion After Orthodontic Treatment
  • Effects of Orthodontic Treatment on Periodontal Health
  • Risk Factors Associated with Bruxism
  • Personality Traits Before and After Orthodontic Treatment
  • Orthodontic Treatment and Its Effect on Children’s Quality of Life
  • Smile Attractiveness and Gingival Display
  • Breast-feeding: Oral and General Health Benefits
  • Adolescents and Oral Hygiene Compliance
  • Age-related Changes in the Soft-tissue Profile
  • Long-term Crowding and Spacing in the Dental Arches
  • Nasal Volume Changes with Bone-borne Maxillary Expansion
  • Comparing Perceptions of Effects of Malocclusion on Quality of Life
  • How Malocclusions Affect Perceptions of Attractiveness and Intelligence
  • Extraction of Four First Premolars: Effect on Smile Esthetics
  • Esthetic Impact of Mandibular Incisor Extraction

Orthodontics Alert is edited by Dr. Thomas Cangialosi, Professor and Chair of the Department of Orthodontics at Rutgers University School of Dental Medicine, New Jersey. Dr. Cangialosi is past President and the former Director of the American Board of Orthodontics.

Orthodontics Alert is customized with your practice name, address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address, Web site and your photograph, if this suits your style.

This referral newsletter is geographically exclusive. Only one orthodontic practice in your community will be licensed to distribute this valuable publication. Imagine how becoming the local orthodontic authority could impact your practice!

To find out more about Orthodontics Alert, call 800-323-4995 or e-mail us. Or market your practice even more powerfully with our fully customized newsletters for orthodontists.

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