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Marketing to Dentists with Endodontics Newsletter

Referrals from dental professionals are essential to the health of all endodontic practices. So how do you leverage the potential of dental marketing to reach these practitioners? One proven method is dentistry marketing newsletters.

Endodontics Newsletter is the professional and consistent way of marketing to dentists. This handsome quarterly publication from WPI Communications, Inc., is printed in two colors on high-quality coated paper. Each issue features summaries of research developments in endodontics. Your colleagues will receive expert content, professionally delivered, without “how-to” details.

Recent endodontic referral newsletter articles include

  • Management of Horizontal Root Fractures
  • Frequency of Root Resorption Following Trauma
  • Does Apical Periodontitis Have Systemic Consequences?
  • Pulpal Response to Acute Dental Injury
  • Management of Sodium Hypochlorite Injuries
  • Bacteria in Dentinal Tubules of Root Filled Teeth
  • Predicting Intraoperative Endodontic Pain
  • Replacement of Severely Traumatized Teeth with Immediate Implants
  • Impact of Root Canal Filling and Coronal Restoration Quality on Periapical Status
  • Articaine Buccal Infiltration vs Lidocaine Block
  • Endodontic Therapy and Pain
  • Dental and Maxillofacial Trauma and Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Effect of Increased Anesthetic Volume on Inferior Alveolar Nerve Block
  • Thermal vs Electric Dental Pulp Test
  • Rubber Dam Usage During Endodontic Therapy
  • Various Radiographic Methods to Assess Endodontic Success
  • Using an Oral Premedicant to Enhance Anesthesia
  • Efficacy of Single- vs Multiple-visit Endodontics
  • Outcomes of Endodontic Micro-resurgery
  • How Successful Is Conventional Endodontic Retreatment?
  • Chemotherapy-induced Pulpal Pain
  • Anesthetic Efficacy of Frequency-dependent Conduction Blockade of the IAN

Endodontics Newsletter is edited by Drs. Noah Chivian and Asgeir Sigurdsson.

Dr. Chivian, an Attending in Endodontics and former Director of Endodontics and Director of Dentistry at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, maintained a private endodontic practice for 52 years. He is also Adjunct Professor of Endodontics at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine and a Clinical Professor of Endodontics at Rutgers School of Dental Medicine. Dr. Chivian is a Past President of the American Association of Endodontists, the American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry, and American Association of Endodontists Foundation.

Dr. Sigurdsson, a practicing endodontist, is Chair of the Department of Endodontics at New York College of Dentistry. He is also Adjunct Associate Professor of Endodontics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He is a former president of the International Association for Dental Traumatology, a member of the American Association of Endodontists and the Icelandic Dental Association, and a fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine.

This dental referral newsletter is customized with your practice name, address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address, Web site—even your photograph. Endodontics Newsletter is geographically exclusive. Only one endodontic practice will be licensed to distribute Endodontics Newsletter to referring dentists.

For more information about Endodontics Newsletter, the Update on Endodontics newsletter or our fully customized newsletters, call 800-323-4995 or e-mail us.

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