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Legal Client Newsletter—Legal Advisory

Legal Advisory is written specifically for your clients—the clientele that has the greatest need for legal services and that offers the most promising opportunities for an ongoing relationship and a steady source of new work.

Each issue is concise and clearly written—free of legal jargon and easily understood by clients and prospects. Legal Advisory educates, informs and reassures. It creates enormous goodwill for you and your firm. You will be surprised how frequently an article sparks phone calls, questions and new opportunities for your services.

Recent legal client newsletter articles include

  • Can a Noncompete Be Beat?
  • Focus on the Generation-skipping Tax
  • Q‘s and A’s on Product Liability
  • Software Threats from Modern-day Pirates
  • Supreme Court Rules on Discrimination
  • Implications of New DOMA Ruling
  • Coping with the Health Care Law
  • How to Start a Nonprofit
  • Common ADA Myths and Realities
  • Five Ways to Insulate Your Estate
  • Catching a Legal Lifeline
  • Spousal Privilege: Vows of Silence
  • Seven Tips for Negative Feedback
  • Avoiding Legal Shoot-Outs Online
  • How to Resolve Employment Disputes
  • Called for a Deposition? Keep Your Wits About You
  • The “Hot Buttons” After Pink Slips
  • Does Your Will Need a Quick Fix?
  • Getting a Competitive Edge
  • Can You Use Lie Detector Tests?
  • Five Estate-planning Steps for Business Owners
  • Know Boundary Lines of Eminent Domain
  • Are You Liable for Workers’ Acts?

Each article provides just enough information to stimulate the reader’s interest and curiosity. The newsletter always points out that obtaining legal guidance is essential. Legal Advisory plants “seeds of need” in situations that might otherwise be overlooked.

For more information on how Legal Advisory can help your legal practice grow and prosper, call us at 800-323-4995 or e-mail us

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