Word of Mouth: 10 Ways Dentists Can Get More Patient-to-Patient Referrals

December 4, 2014    By Howard Kleinman ()

Word of Mouth: 10 Ways Dentists Can Get More Patient-to-Patient Referrals

Dentists spend a lot of time examining their patients’ mouths, but frequently don’t spend enough time using them…to spread the word about their practices! Here are 10 tips dentists can use to get their patients talking.

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  1. Send out newsletters. Nothing keeps you top-of-mind like well-written, regularly scheduled newsletters. Hire a top marketing team to make them as compelling as possible.
  2. Throw a party. Nothing gets people talking like putting them in a room with other people. Host a barbecue, beach party or bowling night for your patients. Ask them to invite friends. The odds are that some of those friends will become new patients.
  3. Create a referral program. If new patients mention they were referred by an existing patient, thank the referring patient with a discount on their next visit.
  4. Seize the moment. If your patients compliment your practice in conversation, ask them to make a referral. If they appreciate you that much, they’ll want to help keep you in business!
  5. Get an assist. Have your hygienists and front-desk staff spread the word about referrals. Two polite referral requests during each visit can go a long way.
  6. Set goals. Set a target number for patient referrals, and see how long it takes you to achieve that goal. Then strive to hit that number faster next time.
  7. Be charitable. Sponsor a charity event, and invite your patients and their friends and family. You will be a topic of conversation, and so will your charity. Everyone benefits.
  8. Challenge your hygienists. Create a quarterly chart to see which hygienist’s patients generate the most referrals. The winner gets a prize or a bonus.
  9. Challenge your patients. Give an extra-large discount to the patient who generates the most referrals over the course of a year. They’re helping your business, so it’s worth it!
  10. Push your program. Make your referral program as visible as possible. Hang a poster in your waiting room, and mention it in your newsletters.

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