Why You Probably Have Fewer Loyal Patients Than You Think

June 15, 2017    By Becky Sheetz ()

Why You Probably Have Fewer Loyal Patients than You Think

If you were asked if your dental practice had a loyal patient base, how would you answer?

All dentists strive to create a loyal patient base full of individuals and families who maintain consistent and reliable treatment schedules. Everyone wants a roster of all-star patients.

Most dentists may say that they have a loyal patient base. But is that true?

Let’s see how you measure up.

Patient retention numbers
If your practice’s numbers are typical, then for every 10 new patients who visit your office, seven will never come back. To elucidate further, for every 1,000 patient records on file, you really only have 300 active patients.

How do your practice’s retention numbers stack up? A fundamental starting point is determining if you have an accurate measure of your active patients. Most dentists overestimate how many active patients they have. You won’t know unless you actually run the numbers. Active patients are those who have been to your practice at least once in the past 12 to 24 months (the number of months varies based on the methodology you use). Of course, the lower the lapse in between visits, the better for your practice.

Boost your patient retention
Regardless of whether you are average at 31% active patients, or above or below, you probably would like to improve your patient retention. One of the best, most proven ways to do this is with a dental patient newsletter marketing program. This keeps your practice top-of-mind and serves as a valuable reminder to your patients that you’re a proven expert whom they should trust with their dental care.

Newsletters serve as ongoing patient reminders. We all know how easily patients can get out of the habit of seeing their dentist. They may change jobs, go through family transitions, face budget crunches or just get too busy to make their oral health a priority. But a monthly newsletter sent to their inboxes is a regular reminder of the importance of seeing their dentist. Newsletters inform them of conditions and treatments that impact them. An article may address a specific pain or concern they have, or the newsletter may simply arrive as they are thinking of the importance of getting back on track after treatments have lapsed. Dental patient newsletters offer a sweet reminder to take care of teeth and gums.

Showcase your credibility. As you know, the world of dentistry is highly competitive. Your patients probably receive mailers and other promotions to try out new dentists. But by sending a regular newsletter, you’ll remind them that you’re the credible, trusted professional. Their family deserves the best—and that’s you. Newsletters provide these valuable reminders.

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