Why the American Association of Endodontists Recommends a Newsletter

September 22, 2016    By Becky Sheetz ()

Why the American Association of Endodontists Recommends a Newsletter

In their Marketing the Endodontic Practice report Part 1: Referral Outreach, the American Association of Endodontists advocates newsletters as having the potential to be “an excellent marketing tool for your practice.” A newsletter, the report says, “allows you to reach a large number of referring dentists at one time, and you control the message and own the content … A customized newsletter is a positive and consistent means of reinforcing your current relationships and building new ones.”

Four newsletter marketing tips from AAE
As the publishers of Endodontics Newsletter and Update on Endodontics, we couldn’t agree more. Here are four newsletter marketing tips from that report for endodontists—and other dental specialists—that we especially like and want to share:

  1. Feature a graphic box with patient testimonials entitled “What Your Patients Experience” to highlight your practice.
  2. Create articles about what it’s like to partner with your endodontics practice. Include a “Question & Answer” article with local dentists who are excellent referral sources for you.
  3. Invite your office staff to suggest stories and ideas. This shows that you value their opinions and creativity.
  4. Ask your readers to send letters that provide their opinion on a topic or run a question-of-the month column. This could also be an opportunity to remind them that you value their online reviews.

Don’t oversell
Here’s another place where we agree with the AAE. First and foremost, newsletters are designed to generate referrals to the endodontists who send them. But that doesn’t mean that they should be directly sales-oriented. Instead, they should be educational, tasteful and subtle.

“Even though you are writing a newsletter to try to generate referrals, do not be blatant in selling yourself or your practice,” says the report. Instead, newsletters should focus on building trust. This is accomplished with informative content related to endodontics that your referring dentists will value.

“Less time and money”
The AAE also concludes that newsletter marketing can be very cost-effective for endodontists. “It does allow you to reach many more dentists for less time and money while serving as a reminder to them of your expertise and that you are in their sphere of referral consideration.”

If you’d like to learn how you can use a newsletter that’s cost-effective, saves you time and money, and generates results in increased patient referrals, contact us at 800-323-4995 or info@wpicommunications.com.

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