Why Referral Marketing Is Best for Dental Specialists

December 14, 2016    By Becky Sheetz ()

Why Referral Marketing Is Best for Dental Specialists

If you had a limitless dental marketing budget, how would you spend it? Would you run prime time television commercials in your community? Would you sponsor every sporting event, from high-school football to your city’s NBA team?

What would you do?
Chances are, the ideas generated above focus on targeting unknown audiences of people who don’t know who you are—or at the very least, have never been to your practice. But one factor is even more important to patients than the most creative ad and even the biggest marketing budget: the referral of their dentist.

An infinite budget doesn’t have to be targeted or particularly effective. But to be more strategic with a limited dental marketing budget, you need to spend money to reach your target audience. Be sure to target a significant portion of your marketing efforts on referring professionals.

How, then, do you reach referring dentists?
Again, with a boundless budget, you can afford high-dollar entertainment, lavish parties and high-end sponsorships. But chances are, you want and need to be more strategic and targeted.

Our recommendation is referral-generating newsletters. These are meaningful, targeted, proven, cost-effective ways to reach those dentists who can send you patients. Moreover, these dental marketing tools are ongoing. Rather than an event that occurs one time or an ad run a few times in your newspaper, referral newsletters arrive regularly in your potential referring dentists’ office every quarter: Most Dental Marketing Plans Miss This Influential Audience. This helps ensure that you’ll be top of mind when the dentist needs to refer a patient to your specialty.

And high-quality newsletters with excellent, relevant and current content on your specialty (but without “how-to” details) draw the connection between your practice and excellence in your specialty. They set you apart as the dental specialist of choice in your community.

So while your marketing budget is probably limited—in some cases, quite limited—it’s essential that you reach current, past and future referring dentists. To be successful, your marketing methods must be consistent and demonstrate your credibility.

Other than using a professional referral newsletter for dentists, how will you reach them in a way that will get you results? Contact us at WPI Communications to find out just how cost-effective and powerful dental newsletters can be. 

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