Why Discerning Dental Patients Are Good for Your Practice

October 20, 2016    By Becky Sheetz ()

Why Discerning Dental Patients Are Good for Your Practice

With more choices than ever before, today’s consumers are highly discerning. They’re able to sift through comparative data and skim reader reviews of vacation packages, books and all kinds of products, quickly excluding options that fail to meet their very high expectations. They are not apt to settle for less than the best.

If you think this does not apply to your dental practice—think again!

These same highly discerning and scrutinizing consumers are also your patients. Not only can they be some of your best, most reliable patients but they can be some of your best sources of word-of-mouth referrals.

Dentists across the country have observed that their patients are more outspoken about their dental desires and needs, have higher expectations and are more aware of their choices than ever before.

Your best patients desire to be educated
They want to understand their options and make informed decisions based on their best interests. This is especially true for the parents of children. As a dentist, you can use this to benefit your practice. By knowing that your patients are aware of their options and that they value being informed, you should make it a priority to be their primary source of trusted patient education. It’s only fitting that you, their trusted dentist, be that source.

Don’t let the Internet be your patients’ primary source of dental “education.” Smart dental practices use patient newsletters from WPI Communications, Inc. to ensure meeting patients’ needs for education about common and uncommon dental conditions, treatments and health considerations. These monthly newsletters reinforce your expertise as the credible source for dental patient education.

Well-designed newsletters with excellent and easy-to-digest content send a message to even your most discerning patients that you’re the dentist they can trust with all their family’s dental needs. A unified design builds your brand and conjures up trust.

Your patients have choices
Always remember this fundamental fact: If your practice is in an affluent, upper-middle class or even solid middle class region, it’s likely that your patients have quite a few options for their dental health. Patient eNewsletters provide ongoing contact with your patients so that you stand out and be the choice, even for your most discerning patients.

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