What Is the Most Important Ingredient in Your Newsletter Marketing Program?

June 21, 2017    By Becky Sheetz ()

What Is the Most Important Ingredient in Your Newsletter Marketing Program?

Plenty of factors go into a successful newsletter marketing program for professional practices. From the list to the distribution to the measurement, there are many more steps and considerations than meet the eye. So what’s the most important factor?

The list is important. Whether your newsletter is print or e-mail, without a good and up-to-date list, you’ll miss the mark. You must keep your database of patients or clients current and complete for your newsletter to have a maximum impact.

Your newsletter’s branding is important. It should clearly be sent on behalf of your practice. Your logo and contact information should be the first thing the reader sees when opening the newsletter. We also advise a warm, flattering photograph that presents the familiar faces of your practice.

These factors and others are important. But think about the newsletters and news sources you trust for your information. Think about the ones you delete and aren’t interested in. What do the ones you trust have in common? Quality content.

It’s not ideal, but readers can work around a newsletter that’s poorly designed or that contains bland imagery when they really care about the content.

Content is the most important ingredient in your newsletter program.

Poorly written, irrelevant, boring or otherwise low-quality content hurts your newsletter success. It will actually turn readers away. They’ll ignore your newsletter, and a good portion will unsubscribe.

What should you write about?
To determine what to write about in your practice newsletter, always turn the lens onto your clients or patients. Address topics that matter to them and are appropriate for the audience. Avoid jargon, and be sure your message is clear.

Attorneys can provide insight into legal matters that will impact clients. Accountants can do the same for tax and related topics for their readers. In these cases, the firms can provide enough insight to educate readers and provide some direction, but for complex developments or legal and tax matters, they will point them back to their practice for expert help. After all, that’s the real benefit of newsletters for professional service firms—to direct clients back to you and build loyalty.

While the work your practice performs is serious, add some levity from time to time with fun extras, such as Q&As with practice leaders, seasonal or holiday tips, or entertaining facts and quizzes. These types of content are easy for readers to digest and add an approachable, lighter element to your newsletter. Even if your content is informative, people will be less inclined to read it if it’s dry.

Keep the quality content flowing
While content is the most essential ingredient in your newsletter program, it’s also the most challenging for most practices. We can help. WPI Communications offers a full suite of services for high-quality newsletters for professional practices, ranging from list development, newsletter production and quality content to layout and distribution. Contact us to learn more about our top-quality newsletters, including fully customized options.

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