Ways Your Newsletter Can Encourage Dental Patients to Book Appointments

September 29, 2016    By Becky Sheetz ()

Ways Your Newsletter Can Encourage Dental Patients to Book Appointments

Newsletters are a subtle and professional way for dentists, periodontists and pediatric dentists to keep in touch with patients on a monthly basis. They keep your practice top of mind and demonstrate to your patients that they’re important to you.

Effective newsletters are patient-focused with content that will help readers (or parents of readers for pediatric dentists) improve their overall health. The primary benefits for dentists are that they build patient loyalty and encourage readers to schedule appointments and keep on schedule with treatment plans.

We recommend that practices think about how they can use their monthly dental marketing newsletters to encourage patients to book appointments. Here are four tips to make sure you’re putting your newsletters to work for you to encourage appointments:

1. Be consistent
Lack of consistency is one of the biggest mistakes that compromise the success of dentists’ newsletter campaigns. For your practice and your patients’ dental care to be top of mind, you must communicate with appropriate frequency. We believe that monthly is ideal, which is why our patient newsletters are sent once a month. They are important reminders to patients to maintain a regular treatment schedule or get back on track with lapsed treatments.

2. Consider peak cycles
When do you experience a spike in new patient visits? Maybe it’s around the start of school in September or at the end of the year when patients want to use their flexible spending accounts. Consider distributing your newsletter and developing timely content for maximum impact around those important cycles.

You may also consider special promotions to keep your schedule full during slower times of the year. Use your newsletter to promote those offers.

3. Give an incentive
Special offers and promotions give readers a reason to book an appointment now, instead of waiting until later, possibly much later. If you use your newsletter to promote such limited time offers, you’ll see readers take advantage of them and book appointments.

4. Make booking appointments easy
Even the best promotion won’t do you as much good as it could if it’s not easy for patients to actually schedule an appointment.

An absolutely critical question for your practice is: How quick and easy do you make scheduling an appointment? The process of making an appointment should be clearly displayed on your eNewsletter. If the patient calls a telephone number after your office hours, what happens? If they click an e-mail link from the newsletter or fill out a contact form, what happens?

Consider these questions carefully. If you have limited office hours, inefficient telephone systems that frustrate callers, a significant time lag in responding to e-mails or telephone calls, or any other inefficient processes, you’ll lose out. 5 Tips to Reaching Your Dental Patients with E-mail will help you further. Remove any such barriers. Make it easy to book appointments and ask questions online, via e-mail or over the telephone.

Contact us at 800-323-4995 or info@wpicommunications.com for more tips about how you can use your dental newsletter to boost patient volume.

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