Utilizing Google Tools to More Effectively Market Your Dental Practice

January 14, 2016    By Lisa Berry

Utilizing Google Tools to More Effectively Market Your Dental Practice

Google has become ubiquitous in our society―so much so that it is both a noun and a verb. “Let me Google it” is now a common phrase, but you might not realize all that Google has to offer for you and your practice. There are a wide variety of Google tools for you to take advantage of, and many of them are offered free. They can help with Determining the Success of Your Marketing Campaign.

1. Google Analytics

While you might think that just having a Web presence is enough, your Web site actually has the potential to help your dental practice grow―if you know how to utilize the information it provides.

Google Analytics can help you leverage your dental Web site by giving you valuable information, such as who is visiting your Web site, what devices they are using to access your site, which of your Web pages is most popular and how long people are staying on your page. It can also tell you how people are finding your site (from where on the Internet are they coming to your page?). All this information can help inform your marketing choices.

Installing Google Analytics to your Web site is easy. To get started, visit google.com/analytics, create your account and follow instructions.

2. Google Search

Though Google has expanded far beyond its search engine origins, it is still the most popular search engine on the Web. To improve your organic search results, think of keywords that your dental patients or potential patients might search, and make sure those terms are featured prominently on your Web site.

To see how your page is doing, test it out by Googling those terms to see if your page pops up. Your goal should be to have your Web site appear on the first page of search results—the higher up it is, the better visibility for your practice.

3. Google Trends

If you don’t know how or what people are searching for online, Google Trends is a good place for you to start. This tool utilizes real-time search data and shows you how a term is being searched over time.

For instance, when typing in the search term “local dentist,” Google Trends will show you graphs of how often that term has been searched by month, where (by region or city) it is being searched the most, and what other related terms people are searching.

4. And if you have the budget ... BONUS: Google AdWords

When you create ads to appear on Google search pages, you increase your visibility to thousands of people, paying only when a user clicks on your ad. You can set a maximum total budget and a maximum of what you are willing to pay per click (if other local dentists outbid you, however, their ads will appear above yours). You can target your ads geographically and link them to the search terms you choose to ensure that you are reaching the right people.

Take advantage of these tools to put your practice in front of your current and potential patients. Google’s popularity will continue, so make sure that when they Google, they find you.

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