Use Your Newsletter to Grow Your Social Media Presence

August 4, 2016    By Becky Sheetz ()

Use Your Newsletter to Grow Your Social Media Presence

Many dental practices use social media, including Facebook, Twitter and blogs, to communicate with patients. Regardless of how broadly you have adopted social media marketing, an increasing number of practices are using these popular tools.

Social media marketing has another convenient benefit for marketers. It’s a terrific way to extend your dental patient newsletters to an even broader audience. This enables you to consistently educate and inform your existing patients, while reaching others in their network as well.

If you’d like to get even greater value out of your dental marketing newsletter—while improving your social media impact—follow these tips below:

Extend your content

Maximize your newsletters by repurposing content on Facebook pages and blogs. Post fresh ideas and announcements, such as highlights of newsletter articles. If you post newsletter articles on your blog, you can post links to them on Facebook, thereby driving Web visitors directly back to your Web site.

Be social, not shy

Use your newsletter content as an opportunity to engage. You can ask Facebook followers and readers to weigh in on an interesting or even controversial topic. This keeps your dental practice top of mind. But that’s not all: It also promotes your practice to a broader audience.

Social media is, of course, social. By encouraging comments and opinions about posts related to newsletter articles, you’ll help build loyalty and engagement among new and familiar people. This way you’ll ensure proactive, meaningful communication with your readers on a regular basis.

Keep the content fresh

Many dentists tell us they have trouble coming up with useful, meaningful and current content on a regular basis. This is true for their social media pages, blogs and newsletters. WPI Communications has an easy solution for that. We manage all aspects of dental newsletter marketing, from distributing and designing each newsletter to developing fresh content your readers will care about.

Make connecting easy

Seeing your articles and posts will remind your readers to adhere to their dental health treatment plans. The topics will inform readers about new treatments. Those people connected with your readers will see your posts and gain awareness of what your practice does.

Make it easy for people to connect with you by linking to your social media outlets, Web site or by sharing your office’s contact information. You’ll miss out on opportunities by making it difficult for current and prospective patients to call or e-mail with questions or to make an appointment. See Make Your eNewsletter Sign-up Process Simple.

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