Update Your Website at Year End

November 15, 2016    By Ken Berry

Update Your Website at Year End

A website is often the first and last impression that clients and prospects have of a tax and accounting practice. It “sets the tone” for the way you do business. If you haven’t already set up a website for your firm, don’t delay any longer. It can provide valuable information and history about you and your firm, list office hours, directions and provide an easy means of contact. This is much more than you could ever fit on a business card!

Of course, some websites are bare-bones efforts, while others are more engaging and robust. Is your site visually and intellectually appealing to clients? It’s wise to spend the time and money to improve your website—or do things right from the start. If necessary, rely on outside resources or expert in-house staffers to put your best foot forward. Remember that the website is an expression and reflection of your firm’s competence and professionalism.

Once your website looks, acts and feels the way you want it to, are you done? Not by a long shot. It’s important to keep clients “coming back for more.” The best way to do this is to energize the site with updated content. Because you’re in a profession where there is continuous change to report—for instance, new laws, court cases and IRS rulings and regulations—you have a unique opportunity to entice clients and prospects into making extra visits to your website.

Prime example: Consider the 2016 Year-End Tax-Planning Letter provided by WPI Communications. It’s designed to look like a letter from your firm to clients, but you don’t have to send it to every single person who has ever contacted your firm or might be interested in your services. Use the “modern” approach of posting the letter on your website for all the world to see.

The letter discusses the latest developments affecting year-end tax planning in 2016, including the impact of the Protecting Americans for Tax Hikes (PATH) Act, and pinpoints practical strategies for both individual and small-business taxpayers. Clients and prospects alike will be encouraged to contact your firm to schedule year-end tax-planning sessions.

That’s not to say you can’t use the 2016 Year-End Tax-Planning Letter in other ways. For example, you could e-mail it to clients who might not otherwise check your website before the end of the year. And you can still send the letter via regular mail to your top clients—especially if they’ve come to expect its annual arrival.

Most important: Call us today at 800-323-4995, and reinvigorate your website with the 2016 Year-End Tax-Planning Letter before it’s too late.

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