Unleashing the Power of Newsletter Marketing for Attorneys

December 27, 2017    By Steven Klinghoffer ()

Unleashing the Power of Newsletter Marketing for Attorneys

Are you maximizing the potential of attorney marketing for your law practice? If you aren’t leveraging the power of newsletter marketing, then the answer has to be “no.” Maybe you’re not sure how to get started, or maybe you already have a client newsletter, but you want to boost its effectiveness. Either way, this article is for you. Read on to see how you can build your legal practice with an attorney–client newsletter.

How do you see your law practice?
There are essentially two distinct ways that you can view client development. Those views have a dramatic influence on a firm’s vision of what it is and whom it serves, as well as its day-to-day operations. Attorneys either see their practice as a revolving door, with files opening and closing and clients coming and going, or they consider relationships with their clients to be an ongoing continuum.

We want to challenge you to see your clients as a continuum. Client relationships should develop continually, yielding mutual value over the course of many years.

Newsletter marketing can help.

Critical communications
An absolutely critical element of this attorney–client relationship development is in the effectiveness of your communications. For your clients to be long term, they must trust that you are highly skilled and responsive to their legal needs. But even beyond that, they need to trust that you are engaging with them and informing them.

So how effectively does your firm communicate on an ongoing basis with your clients? Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with quite a few attorneys concerning both professional and personal matters in different regions of the United States. The ones who communicated most thoroughly, effectively and meaningfully have been the lawyers I trust the most. Communications matter!

A cost-effective and powerful way to keep in touch with your clients between (and during) legal matters is a quarterly newsletter. In his recent report for Clio entitled Unleashing the Power of Referrals, Jared D. Correia, Esq., states that a prominent and effective way to connect with clients is by “scheduling quarterly e-newsletters or client alerts.”

Quarterly newsletters show your clients that you value them and that you appreciate the importance of keeping them well-informed.

Newsletters stand out
Print newsletters for attorneys, like Legal Advisory from WPI Communications, Inc., stand out because they are physically mailed, and therefore can be handled and seen. Well-designed, professional, appealing newsletters from an attorney are seen by recipients. In this way, they stand out from e-mails, which may be deleted without being viewed. Even if the newsletter is not necessarily read from cover to cover, recipients will at least scan their trusted attorney’s newsletter for legal issues relevant to them.

As an attorney, remember: You have credibility, and your clients value the information you send them. Use a newsletter to build that credibility even further and keep your law practice top-of-mind.

Relevant communications
Not only are newsletters a proven method of ongoing communications but they are also relevant communications. A high-quality quarterly legal newsletter keeps meaningful content in front of your clients. This keeps them informed and provides two very important messages:

1. Relevant articles will continually remind your clients of the importance of staying current on legal matters. Here are just a few examples of content from Legal Advisory:

2. These articles remind your clients that you are the expert for the legal services that you provide. Although the articles in Legal Advisory are designed to keep your clients informed and keep your practice top-of-mind in a meaningful way, your readers will draw a clear conclusion from these articles:

They need your legal expertise and counsel!

Your client newsletter can extend beyond clients
We recommend that you use a legal client newsletter to reach your entire client database. But don’t stop there. Include your prospective clients too. All those who have expressed an interest in your firm and its services should have the opportunity to opt in to receive your newsletter. In this way, your newsletter not only helps build client loyalty among existing clients but it also helps build your legal practice with new clients, too.

To capture even more prospects, we strongly recommend including a “Subscribe to our Newsletter” button on the home page of your firm’s website.

One of the greatest challenges, especially for small-firm managers, is acquiring new business. Let your legal newsletter boost your firm’s new business development.

Make a great impression
Your client newsletter must make an impression that is on par with the professionalism of your law practice. Not only must your newsletter feature a professional design with quality content but it should also be a consistent reflection of your practice’s brand. The design and color scheme should be consistent, because they will build familiarity with the newsletter. And your practice logo, contact information and, if possible, your photo, should be included.

Be patient
Like your website, your client newsletter program is a marketing tool that will benefit your law practice over time. Be patient, and know that a professional newsletter that makes a great impression, delivered consistently and with relevant content, will build your practice. It will help you maximize the power of your attorney marketing, help you to maintain and further develop relationships with your clients, and enable you to build meaningful connections with new ones.

Final word
Leverage the power of newsletter marketing, and keep your practice in growth mode. For even more great tips for attorney newsletter marketing, download your free copy of 17 Ways a Client Newsletter Can Build Your Law Practice.

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