Unleash the Power of Dental Patient Newsletters

May 3, 2018    By Becky Sheetz ()

Unleash the Power of Dental Patient Newsletters

Newsletters have been around for decades. We’ve watched them transform from print-only versions to e-mail newsletters very similar to their print counterparts to the very sophisticated digital newsletter options that dentists can use today to engage their patients.

No matter how sophisticated newsletter marketing for dentists is—or will become in the future—its purpose will continue to be to inform and educate patients and to keep practices “top of mind.”

Not only is a quality newsletter program an exceptional way to foster loyalty by encouraging patients to think about you between visits to your office but it can also encourage patients to refer family members and friends to your practice.

The social media connection
We frequently hear dentists say that they are apprehensive about starting a social media campaign because they fear they won’t have enough content to keep it going and make it worth the effort. Some dentists who have started to post content on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, tell us that they have a hard time maintaining these sites because they run out of ideas for posts.

A quality dental patient newsletter, such as Dental Bites eNewsletter, Pediatric Dental Bites eNewsletter or Perio Health eNewsletter, can be a great asset to a social media campaign because it gives dental practices an ongoing source of relevant, fact-based, patient-focused content. Every month brings new, seasonal, relevant articles that patients can use to maintain or improve their dental health. You can share highlights of a newsletter article on social media and link to the entire article on your website. This source of fresh content keeps readers engaged. It reminds patients that you put them first, stay on the leading edge of your industry and are a critical component to their health.

Here are some other ideas for content you can share in your dental patient eNewsletter as well as on social media:

And that’s only the beginning. Another fun way to engage your patients, encourage them to communicate with your practice, and allow yourself to share your personality and gain exposure in patients’ social networks is to pose questions. You can even link the questions from your patient eNewsletter to your Facebook, Instagram or other social media page, making it easy for readers to view and comment.

Here are some fun and interesting posts you can ask your community to weigh in on:

For almost all dentists, word-of-mouth referrals are the most effective tools to get new patients. To capitalize on these referrals, you’ll be well served to take advantage of social media. Regularly sending an eNewsletter, too, is an easy and effective way to influence patients between office visits and keep your practice top of mind.

The personal connection
By sending an expertly developed and researched, high-quality newsletter, you take full advantage of the opportunity to engage your dental patients with the best oral health care news, tips and advice every month. Not only will you educate your patients but you’ll also provide them with easy-to-read, patient-focused information they can share with their family, friends and coworkers.

Unlike the first link that pops up in a Google search, the content you distribute has infinitely more credibility. For example, when a patient forwards your newsletter to a friend who has just been diagnosed with diabetes because it contains a timely and relevant article, it will have credibility because it comes from an authoritative source. And if the recipient is looking for a dentist who can help, guess who will be at the top of their list?

Another way to increase your exposure and get patients talking about you is to give them something interesting to talk about. Maybe it’s what you enjoy doing in your spare time, such as gardening, hiking or biking; the latest book you’d recommend; or where your family just went on vacation. By maintaining your professionalism, but still allowing your patients to gain a glimpse of your personality, you’ll strengthen the personal connection you have with them.

Involve your patients
If social media has reminded us of anything, it’s that everyone wants their opinion to be heard and valued. Ask for feedback on your social media pages and your patient newsletter. There may be content or articles your readers would tell you would benefit them the most. And when posting content, try to give your readers an opportunity to engage—in a positive and healthy way.

Delve into the analytics
Among the best features of today’s dental patient eNewsletters are the comprehensive tracking and reporting analytics which allow you to see who opened and clicked through your newsletter. You’ll know which links and which articles generated the most clicks and engagement. You’ll also have detailed data on social media engagement with your newsletter content.

Are you putting patient newsletters to work for your practice? If not, it’s time to get started.

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