Tips to Cut Your Newsletter Mailing Costs

May 22, 2012    By Vincent Gragnani ()

mailbox with letters

We don’t need economic reports to tell us that small businesses are still struggling. From talking to accountants, attorneys, dentists, financial planners and physicians every day, we know that every dollar counts, especially in these last few years.

But we also know that printed newsletters are a valuable investment. They put your name in front of people four, six, maybe even 12 times a year—and they deliver valuable information.

Whether you distribute a paper newsletter or are considering it, here are three ways to cut your postage costs:

  1. Include your newsletter when you send invoices or billing. Depending on the size and weight of your newsletter, you may not incur any additional postage or envelope costs.
  2. Make your newsletter a “self mailer.” Leave space on your newsletter for your recipient’s address and your return address—and save on the cost of envelopes.
  3. If you are mailing at least 200 newsletters at one time, look into the possibility of bulk mailing. We have found this page on the U.S. Postal Service Web site to be especially helpful in explaining bulk mail, including information on how to apply for a permit.

In most cases, a newsletter marketing program will pay for itself. With these tips, you can make it pay even more.

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