Three Ways to Broaden Your Accounting Newsletter Audience

May 17, 2013    By Linda Telesco

Three Ways to Broaden Your Accounting Newsletter Audience

Is your accounting newsletter a success with your clients? Do you receive positive feedback from readers? Has business from subscribers increased as a result of information they read in your newsletter?

If so, your accounting newsletter is working effectively with the audience that already receives it.

But if you want to keep increasing business and prospects, you need to do everything possible to ensure that your newsletter is reaching the widest audience possible. Here are three tips:

  1. To expand your reach, start with the satisfied readers you already have. In every issue of your newsletter, ask readers to share a favorite article with someone they know who will benefit from it. This tactic is effective, because recipients of the shared information may not know you, but they know the sender. As a result, they are likely to automatically trust the forwarded information. This gives you a big head start in establishing that all-important rapport with a new prospect.
  2. Be sure your newsletter connects readers to your other media channels. If you publish a newsletter article about corporate taxes, add a link to your Web site where readers can find more information on the subject. If you are writing a series for budding entrepreneurs, direct readers to your Facebook page where they can take a quiz about small-business recordkeeping.
  3. Consider becoming a guest blogger on the Web site of a colleague or professional organization. Link your guest posting to your newsletter for a useful article or different perspective on the topic.

These actions provide even more opportunities for readers to share your content. They also make it easier for Internet searches to find you, enhancing your image as a savvy, accessible authority in your field.

Make it your ongoing priority to seek wider audiences for your newsletter and you’ll build a steady source for business growth.

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