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September 11, 2011    By Vincent Gragnani ()

You may be able to identify your current referring professionals, but do you know how many others in your community could be good referral sources for you? And can you quickly and easily reach them all?

Growing your practice—whether it is medical, dental, legal, accounting or financial—means reaching out to others who are currently not in your network. What would your practice be like if you received referrals from five to 10 professionals with whom you do not have a current relationship?

Step 1. Identify those from whom you would like to receive your referrals.

For example, many pediatric dentists prefer referrals from pediatricians. If you are a periodontist, you might want to include endocrinologists who treat patients with diabetes. If you are an attorney who specializes in real estate matters, you might want to include real estate agents and brokers. Use creativity. Think about which professionals might refer the types of patients or clients you would like to see in your practice.

Step 2. Define the geographical area you serve.

Obviously, an oral surgeon in South Dakota is likely to treat patients from many, many miles away while a physical therapist on the Upper East Side of Manhattan will think of a much more tightly focused geographical area.

Finally, the question becomes how to generate this list of potential referral sources. In theory, you can go to the public library and manually compile your own list from the various yellow page listings. However, this is not very practical.

If your practice is a medical or dental specialty, here is an unabashed plug for one of our popular services—EZ Lists. Based upon a brief telephone consultation with your office, we will research and generate a list that fits your individual criteria. Your list can be defined by radius, ZIP codes or the physical borders of your referral area. The cost of this service is surprisingly inexpensive.

For more information, call 800-323-4995 or e-mail us.

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