Replicate Your Ideal Patients

December 9, 2015    By Lisa Berry

Replicate Your Ideal Patients

As the saying goes, quality is better than quantity. But what if you could have both? That’s what we call a win-win situation, and when it comes to your dental patients, it can be done.

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Of course you want to grow your dental practice, but imagine if you were to do so by replicating your best patients. To accomplish this, you must first identify what makes a patient ideal for your practice. There are typically a few common denominators:

1. Impact

Depending on the nature of your practice, your patients have specific needs (implants, orthodontic appliances and so on) and you fill these needs. Your treatment makes a positive and significant impact on their lives.

2. Insurance coverage/budget

If you participate in insurance plans, your ideal patient may be covered by an insurance company that you accept. If there is a co-payment, or you do not accept your patient’s insurance, your service charges should align with his or her income and ability to pay.

3. Longevity

Although one-and-done patients can still be beneficial to your practice, your ideal patients are those who keep coming back. Your goal is to create relationships that stand the test of time, with plenty of patients who are loyal to you and your practice.

4. Connectivity

Happy patients are your best marketing resource. An ideal patient comes back and refers you to family and friends for their dental care.

5. Culture

Your patients feel comfortable with your practice and appreciate the way you do business. The physical setting of your office, your staff and your management style put them at ease.

6. Chemistry

You connect with your patients and enjoy a warm, friendly relationship. They feel comfortable articulating their needs to you.

Does this list remind you of any of your current patients? Hopefully your answer is yes because identifying your current ideal patients can be the key to replicating them.

Talk with these patients to understand why they selected your dental practice. In your conversations, aim to discover:

With this understanding, you have the information you need to replicate high-value dental patients in the future. You can tackle challenges facing potential patients, increase your value over your competitors and provide the type of care your patients seek.

This valuable insight will help you bring in dental patients that are high in both quantity and quality.

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