Repetition: The Key to Marketing Your Dental Practice

October 17, 2012    By Vincent Gragnani ()

Most teachers can tell you that the secret to successful learning is repetition. Who among us has the ability to remember or learn material after only one hearing or reading? This is why our third-grade teachers drilled us on our multiplication tables over and over. Even when dealing with concepts rather than simple facts, repetition is the key to recall.

That holds true with your dental marketing as well. When a marketing program works, it does so because of repetition. That doesn’t mean sending the same materials over and over again—after all, you’re not offering the multiplication tables to your patients or referral sources. Rather, it means repeating the underlying message over and over again.

What message are you, as a dental specialist, trying to send to your patients or referral sources? That you are knowledgeable and up-to-date, and that you can be trusted and relied upon. How do you do that? By offering reliable, insightful, up-to-the-minute information about your field that is of interest to the recipient.

But what if the information in your marketing materials isn’t of specific use to the patient or referral source receiving it? Not every article or every e-mail will target an immediate need of every recipient. That’s all right. But when a reader finds nuggets of information that he or she can use, that person will more likely pay attention to future mailings from you. They can see that information from you is reliable and current, that it is worth their time to pay attention to what you have to say.

A series of communications from you—not the occasional piece but item after item that reinforces your expertise in your dental specialty field, that shows you to be a knowledgeable dentist who stays current—embeds you in the recipient’s mind. Regular repetition of your message will make you the go-to person when someone needs treatment in your dental field.

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