Renew Acquaintances at Year End

October 18, 2016    By Ken Berry

Renew Acquaintances at Year End

Where have all the clients gone? If you’re like many tax and accounting professionals, your active client list may be shrinking or barely growing. This can be attributed to a number of factors, such as people moving away, deaths or various other circumstances. On the other hand, you may simply have a large number of names and addresses in your database whom you haven’t heard from in some time.

It’s to be expected in this line of work. But that doesn’t mean you should write off those clients who no longer use your services—or did so only sporadically in the past—as a complete lost cause. The time may be ripe to bring them back into the fold. The same holds true for prospects who contacted you at one time but never followed up.

How can you do it? If you had the time and inclination, you could painstakingly call each one and state your case. But that would not be efficient, nor is it likely to be overly successful. What’s more, this might be viewed as being “pushy.” A far better idea is to use client communications to reestablish a connection.

For example, you might distribute the 2016 Year-End Tax Planning-Letter produced by WPI Communications. This is an effective and proven method for communicating with clients and prospects. It is low-key, non-threatening and thoroughly professional.

The 2016 Year-End Tax-Planning Letter, which is designed to look like a typewritten letter from your firm, is 10 pages long and chock full of valuable tax-planning nuggets. It points out various tax strategies that may enable individual and small-business clients to save hundreds or even thousands of tax dollars at the end of the year. Recipients will appreciate receiving this timely information.

The letter has been researched and written by the experienced professionals at WPI Communications. It reflects all the latest developments, including the new Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes (PATH) Act, which will have a significant impact on year-end tax-planning decisions. Most important, the letter is likely to generate inquiries about the types of services you can provide. In fact, some readers may promptly call to schedule a year-end consultation.

There are a number of ways you might distribute the letter. Send it out in an e-mail blast or use the traditional mail. You can also post the letter on your website. Make this part of your annual marketing plan to help grow your practice.

Don’t expect old clients to come crawling back to you. Give them a good reason to call: The 2016 Year-End Tax-Planning Letter. Order today by calling us at 800-323-4995, or download an order form here.

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