Read It, But Don’t Weep

August 28, 2012    By Ken Berry

Read newsletters

If you’re like most CPAs and attorneys who subscribe to a client newsletter program, you mail out your printed copies soon after you receive them or you e-mail the online version shortly after it appears in your mailbox. This makes perfect sense because the newsletter should contain timely information that can be helpful to your readers.

But do you know the topics covered in the newsletters? Are you prepared to answer inquiries or to provide assistance based on the information your clients have read? Unfortunately, most newsletter subscribers we know can’t answer “yes” to both of those questions. And that’s a shame.

What the “eager beavers” are missing out on is a unique opportunity to cement relationships for the future. Distributing relevant and topical content is only half the battle. The other half is being able to follow up on your marketing efforts. If you’re ready to respond intelligently and can point your clients in the right direction, they aren’t likely to ever leave the fold, even if less expensive services are offered elsewhere.

Take a few minutes to read your newsletters instead of shoving them out the door without a moment’s glance. (If you seriously can’t spare the time, at least scan them.) Try to familiarize yourself with the fine points. Develop a general game plan to capitalize on the techniques explained in your newsletter. Don’t just go through the motions—turn your client newsletter program into a genuine revenue-generator.

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