Professional Referral-Generating Best Practices for Dentists

July 11, 2017    By Becky Sheetz ()

Professional Referral-Generating Best Practices for Dentists

Below is an excerpt from WPI Communications’ white paper, The Complete Guide to Building a Profitable Dental Practice Through Newsletter Marketing. In this excerpt, you’ll learn some of the best practices for dental specialists seeking to increase their referrals with a dental marketing newsletter.

Some of these best practice ideas are more advanced and will take time and effort. But we think you will find that they are well worth the investment you make in your practice.

1. Send new subscribers a personal note
Whether you are beginning a referral newsletter marketing program or adding contacts, we recommend sending an introductory letter with the first issue to add a personal touch. This helps referring dentists and physicians know what to expect, such as the frequency of the newsletter and types of content. Invite them to contact you to discuss articles of interest, and offer to send the newsletter to any colleagues they think would be interested. Note your commitment to providing the highest level of service.

2. Flag important articles
When your newsletter features an article about a treatment or protocol related to a specific reader, flag it with a sticky note or on your office stationery. This reminds the referring dentist or physician that you’re looking out for him or her. You can also flag articles based on demographics. If there’s an article targeted to parents of small children or seniors, consider highlighting it for colleagues who treat those specific patients.

3. Point to your practice
Both referral-generating and patient newsletters should subtly point back to your office. The articles should provide enough content so the readers learn about updates and developments in your area of practice. But they should be far from how-to tutorials. Instead, the articles should serve as reminders that often dentists and physicians need to refer patients to you for your expertise.

4. Bounce-back postcards
The bounce-back postcard is a proactive way to use your newsletter to encourage direct communication with referring dentists. Enclose this postcard with each issue. It might say something like, “I would like more information on the following articles” and then list the articles in the newsletter, with a check box next to each. All your recipient has to do is check off the article(s) of interest; fill in his or her name, telephone number and e-mail address; and drop the postcard in the mail. Once the postcard “bounces” back to you, your office can contact the sender to discuss how you can support those services and even introduce additional ones.

5. Use your newsletter as a leave-behind
If you participate in professional or educational events, have some of your newsletters on hand. You can pass them out in information kits or place some in the back of the room or on display. You may even want to take copies to relevant professional meetings and leave one on each chair. Associating your name with high-quality content reinforces your expertise.

For a free download of referral newsletter best practices for dentists, click here: The Complete Guide to Building a Profitable Dental Practice Through Newsletter Marketing. And to find out how cost-effective WPI Communications’ newsletters can be for you, contact us.

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