Practice Marketing Program Essentials

May 24, 2017    By Steven Klinghoffer ()

Practice Marketing Program Essentials

You have no shortage of opportunities to market your professional practice. From web marketing firms to direct mail companies to the most recent inquiry in your inbox or on your voicemail, your practice probably doesn’t lack for options. Web developers tell you that you need a website with all the bells and whistles. Advertisers tell you that you need to spend money on Google AdWords or a big ad in your local newspaper. Direct-mail gurus tell you that postcards are the best way to attract new patients.

The many options you have probably make it difficult to answer the most important question: Which marketing programs do I actually need to grow my practice?

I’ve worked in marketing for professional services for more than 25 years, and regardless of whether your practice is accounting, dental, legal or something else, some specifics and some categories of marketing activities you simply must have. Even practices that operate with a tight budget should seriously consider these essentials:

Business cards—This is very basic, but it’s essential. Before you nod your head and skip on to the next item, ask yourself: Do you carry current, accurate, top-quality business cards with you at all times, ready to exchange whenever the need arises?

Successful practices never lose track of the basics. Practice leaders should always have cards ready to give to the next potential patient, client or referring professional. Feel free to include any special offers on the business card to help increase the likelihood that the recipient will make an appointment.

Practice newsletter—Successful practices recognize the value of regularly and meaningfully keeping in touch with their clients or patients. How are you doing that now? Too many practices neglect this step and take for granted that people will keep coming back. Big mistake!

It’s much more cost-effective to maintain client or patient loyalty than to spend time on that hamster wheel searching for new clients or patients to replace the ones you lost. A newsletter is an ideal systemized method to keep in touch with patients and clients, so you’ll build loyalty and a healthy practice!

Contact us to see if your practice is ready for a newsletter.

Optimized website—If there are competitors in your practice area, it’s not enough to have a website. Your site has to appear at the top of a local search. When interviewing website vendors to design a new site or upgrade your existing site, search their clients’ sites. If they reference an attorney in a specific city, search the firm and the city on Google or Bing. Does it come up near the top? If it’s a big city, be more specific and search by a section of the city. You’ll learn plenty about the vendor’s optimization credentials simply by taking this easy step.

An optimized site is also one that features responsive design and works well on mobile devices. If your website doesn’t answer the mail, so to speak, be sure you have a website optimization vendor that can do what it takes to deliver for you.

Lead generation—Growth-oriented practices have systemized methods to attract new patients or clients. It may be direct mail, social media ads, Google Maps ads or sponsoring local events. It may take some trial and error—and definitely proper measurement—but to grow your practice, you’ll need a good lead-generation engine in place, which is where we come in to provide leads through EZ Lists

Be sure your practice’s marketing strategies include these essentials. To find out more about the benefits of newsletter marketing for your professional practice, contact us. A touch-point program is a must-have. We’ll gladly help you learn if newsletters are right for you.

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