Periodontal Newsletters That Work

June 14, 2018    By Becky Sheetz ()

Periodontal Newsletters That Work

Do referral-generating newsletters work for periodontists? In our experience developing newsletters for periodontists and other dental specialists, the answer is a resounding yes. But there are some important caveats to consider before you initiate a newsletter program or expand your existing perio newsletter.

To develop a successful perio newsletter marketing program that impacts patient flow in a real and measurable way, you have to answer some very important questions:

What is the purpose of your newsletter?
The answer can’t be simply to increase patient flow or to boost patient lifetime value. Yes, those are core objectives, and you can and should measure the impact of your newsletter in accomplishing them, but think even more deeply and practically regarding your day-to-day operations.

Who is your audience?
Do you most want to influence and build loyalty among referring dentists or among your current and lapsed patients? Different newsletters target different audiences.

Perio Health eNewsletter is designed to keep periodontists in contact with patients on a monthly basis. This keeps your patients thinking about you between visits to your office and reminds them that you care about them and their oral health. Maintaining this contact is an important practice-building tool for periodontists.

To connect with current or future referring colleagues, a newsletter such as Periodontics Report contains concise summaries of the latest research findings in your specialty. These health care providers will stay current with such articles as “Osteoporosis and Dental Implant Outcomes” and “Diabetes and Implants in the Esthetic Zone.” They will associate your practice with periodontal expertise, which is especially beneficial for your practice when it’s time for them to make a referral.

Update on Periodontics is another referral-generating newsletter for periodontists that focuses on dental implants. Recent articles in this newsletter include “Using CBCT to Locate the Posterior Superior Alveolar Artery” and “Using Radiographic Bone Density to Predict Implant Insertion Torque.”

To create a newsletter that works for your practice, you need to know which audience you want to reach. Some periodontists choose to target both.

Can you deliver content your readers will value?
After pinpointing whom you want to reach with your newsletter, the next step is to determine what sort of content you can deliver to your audience. Newsletters that provide actionable information and research updates help referring dentists and physicians provide the best care for their patients.

And of course, when your colleagues need to refer a patient to a periodontist, newsletters serve as valuable reminders of the specialized care you offer. This is another way in which educational newsletters benefit the referring dentist and the patient. With high-quality content provided by foremost experts in periodontics, you’ll stay top of mind with referring professionals when they are looking for a periodontist to entrust with their next patient.

The content you send must be useful and informative to these dental professionals. Simply sending out updates about your practice isn’t nearly as advantageous and probably won’t get you very far in the eyes of those referring colleagues.

Educating your colleagues builds your practice
It’s no coincidence that the referring dentists and physicians who best understand how you can help their patients are often your best sources of referrals. But how effectively are you informing your colleagues about your practice and all the ways you can treat patients? Don’t assume other health care providers are aware of all the treatments you provide. It’s up to you to supply this critical information.

Be consistent
Regardless of which newsletter format you use and what types of readers you choose to target, you’ll need to distribute your newsletter on a regular and predictable basis. This builds familiarity and acclimates your readers to look forward to receiving the informative newsletters you send.

Perio Health eNewsletter, Periodontics Report and Update on Periodontics are turnkey systems. WPI Communications does the development and distribution, including managing the e-mail or mail database, if desired. Furthermore, the newsletters are geographically exclusive, so no other periodontist can use them in any one practice area.

To create a perio newsletter marketing program that works for you, determine whom you want to reach, what sort of content will matter to them, and how you’ll be able to reach them consistently and meaningfully. If you can provide value that will inform and engage your audience on a regular basis, you have a formula for a periodontal newsletter that works. For more information on how it can work for you, call us at 800-323-4995 or e-mail us today.

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