Patients or Referring Dentists—Which Newsletter is Best?

March 14, 2017    By Becky Sheetz ()

Patients or Referring Dentists—Which Newsletter is Best?

Before you start a newsletter marketing program, it’s important to clearly define your audience. The target readership will be different for each dentist.

Do you want to market directly to patients or do you want to reach dentists who might generate referrals? In some cases, your answer may be “both.” Your dental newsletter content, tone and format will be very different depending on the audience.

What’s the difference?
Patient newsletters demonstrate your concern for the people your practice serves. The tone should be easy to read and approachable, yet professional. These newsletters should be jargon-free so patients can understand content that will improve their dental health and not get bogged down in technical terms. The goal of patient newsletters is to strengthen your relationships with this important audience. Dental patient newsletters are a convenient and impressive way to keep in touch on a regular basis, and reconnect with patients you may not see often.

And for prospective patients, such as those who may have signed up for your newsletter on your website or received an issue forwarded from a friend, your newsletter can keep your practice in front of them in a professional, low-key and educational manner.

Professional referral-generating newsletters are for your colleagues. Ultimately, their purpose is to encourage these dentists to refer patients to you when they need to make a referral. This is done subtly and expertly with a dental referral newsletter.

These newsletters can be very important to some dentists because developing a strong relationship with just one referral source can result in many patients’ visiting your practice over a period of years.

Good news and bad news
That’s the good news. But the challenging news is that you can’t simply sit back and wait for those referrals. You need to be an active participant in making them happen. Referral newsletters are an essential and extremely powerful tool in this effort. There are reasons why referral marketing is best for dental specialists.

To determine which dental newsletter marketing program is best for your practice, you’ll need to establish which audience is most critical to your practice’s goals and objectives. Is your practice geared toward having patients return to you again and again, or do patients usually come to you for one type of dental procedure and that’s the last you hear from them?

For some dental practices, such as family or cosmetic practices, building patient loyalty is essential. This is also true for pediatric dentists and many periodontists. For these practices, where building patient loyalty is important, we offer patient newsletters, including Perio Health eNewsletter, Dental Bites eNewsletter and Pediatric Dental Bites eNewsletter.

For other practices, professional referrals are paramount. These practices tend not to have patients return again and again based on the types of procedures and treatments they provide, but their patient flow is based largely on solid referral relationships. Here is a full list of our newsletters for dental specialists.

Some dentists choose to reach out to both referral sources and patients with two different newsletter programs. Not sure what’s right for you? Contact us for a free consultation.

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