Patient Newsletters Help You Subtly Market Dental Services

March 8, 2017    By Becky Sheetz ()

Patient Newsletters Help You Subtly Market Dental Services

Are your patients aware of the full range of treatments you provide, and all the ways you can help them? If you are like many dentists, the answer may surprise you.

Patient education is important for your patients and your practice.

What does it cost to miss out?
We hear from frustrated dentists more often than we’d like about the costs of patients’ not fully realizing their full range of services. For example, there is the veteran dentist who was shocked to see a long-time patient come to his office with a full set of veneers. The patient had seen an ad from a dentist who specialized in veneers, and off he had gone. It turns out that the patient had no idea that his dentist provided veneers. Either it never occurred to him to ask, or he was lured away by what appeared to be a discount.

Dentists regularly tell us of patients going elsewhere for common procedures like teeth whitening. They misunderstand the differences in quality between lower-cost options and the treatment their dentist provides.

Then there is the periodontist who for several years had treated a patient for her gum disease. She had an implant replaced by a colleague of his she had never seen before. It wasn’t until she returned to her periodontist for a routine visit that she learned that his office placed implants as well. The periodontist was disappointed that the patient didn’t know of this treatment option, but unfortunately, the fault lies with him. A patient newsletter can help you cross-sell dental services.

Education is good for your patients and your practice
It’s up to your practice to avoid these unhappy stories and make sure your patients know about all the ways you can help them. Patient education and communication are critical. The alternative, as you can see, is costly.

It’s in the best interest of your practice and your patients to ensure that they know of all the ways you can help them. There are quite a few methods to do this: You can have signs in your office announcing a new treatment. When they’re in your office, you can tell patients about a new implant option.

Those methods are useful, but our favorite is the educational resource of a monthly patient newsletter. These are repeatable and easy for practices to execute. They are education focused, not sales focused, and serve the important goal of reminding your patients of the various dental services and treatments you provide.

Valuable articles range from such topics as brightening smiles to fighting cavities to avoiding teeth sensitivity, managing teeth grinding, learning about sealants and much more. Dental patient newsletters such as Perio Health eNewsletter, Dental Bites eNewsletter and Pediatric Dental Bites eNewsletter remind patients of all the ways you can meet their dental needs.

Don’t make the costly mistake of missing opportunities to treat your patients. Contact us to find out how a newsletter can help you subtly and effectively market your dental services.

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