Newsletters: Visible, Consistent and Easy to Share

March 15, 2012    By Vincent Gragnani ()

Marketing dollars can be spent in a multitude of ways. From advertisements in the local newspaper to hiring a Web site consultant, you have many options at your disposal. Having worked in newsletter marketing for more than 25 years, let us offer you three reasons why you should consider marketing your practice with a newsletter.

1. Visibility. Unfortunately, the axiom “out of sight, out of mind” applies when someone is looking for a service or treatment. The same goes when a health care provider needs to make a referral to a specialist.

Asking a colleague whom you do not know particularly well to consider making referrals to your practice can be awkward. It is much more comfortable to regularly send a valuable information-filled newsletter. It keeps your name in front of your audience and reminds them of the breadth of services or treatments your practice offers.

Tip: Newsletters are most effective when you send them to all clients or patients—current and past—and all potential referral sources, not just those colleagues whom you happen to know well.

2. Regular communication. Continuity is an important factor in any marketing program. A newsletter delivers a consistent message, anywhere from four to 12 times each year. How many times a year do you see each client, patient or referral source? Unlike a business card or annual visit, a newsletter puts your name and practice information in front of your audience several times each year, demonstrating your concern and strengthening the relationship.

3. Easy to pass along. If your newsletter marketing program contains timely and relevant information that your audience finds valuable, they will share it with their friends. With a printed newsletter, this means physically passing along valuable information, with your name and contact information on the front. With an eNewsletter or blog, it means forwarding an e-mail or link that will drive new people to your Web site. Lastly, with a Facebook page, a member of your audience can click “share” and, immediately, your article appears on the newsfeeds of dozens, or more likely hundreds, of new people.

A newsletter keeps your name in front of your audience on a regular, systematic basis. It is a quiet, thoroughly professional approach that positions you as unique, gives you a solid competitive edge and delivers a steady flow of revenue.

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