Five Big Ways Newsletter Marketing Can Help Your Medical Practice Stand Out

August 8, 2017    By Becky Sheetz ()

Five Big Ways Newsletter Marketing Can Help Your Medical Practice Stand Out

Physicians may not typically think of their colleagues as “competition.” But as medical specialists who have had patients leave their practice for another professional in their community can attest, the health care specialty world is quite competitive. While larger practices and health care systems may be better known purely due to size, that doesn’t mean that other practices can’t stand out in big ways.

Specialists such as ophthalmologists, breast surgeons, reproductive endocrinologists and others rely on referrals from other physicians to sustain and build their practices. Because these referral relationships are so critical, proactive physicians recognize the mandate for staying in touch with influential providers.

The most powerful, consistent, memorable and information-rich way to do that is with a quality referral-generating newsletter marketing program. Here are five ways that medical practices can get ahead with their newsletters.

  1. Personalize it. You want to stand out, so your referral sources will think of you first and send their patients to you. Compared with their big business counterparts, smaller health care practices have the advantage of a personal touch. Send your newsletter in a customized envelope addressed to each practitioner, and be sure it includes a warm, flattering photo of your physicians and other members of your staff. WPI Communications often suggests sending a cover letter along with newsletters. This adds a greater personal touch. We also suggest that medical specialists’ offices flag specific newsletter articles with a sticky note. This gets your colleagues’ attention and shows that you’re thinking of them.
  2. Expand your reach. If you’re concerned about other physicians attracting patients who would otherwise be referred to you, expand your reach. We frequently find that medical and dental specialists too narrowly focus their outreach to existing referral sources. It’s not advisable to restrict your newsletter only to physicians whom you know well. Instead, distribute to those you know less well. Even send it to those you’ve not yet met as a way of introducing your expertise.
  3. Say thank you with a newsletter. Use your newsletter as a reminder to thank your colleagues for any patient referrals they’ve made to you during the quarter. You can augment your process of thanking referrals as it best suits you, from including a handwritten note from your office to using the newsletter cycle as a reminder to send thank-you gifts.
  4. Show that you’re consistent. Send your newsletter on an ongoing, predictable basis. This demonstrates to your past, present and future referring professionals that you’re still providing high quality patient care, no matter how many new practices come onto the scene.
  5. Demonstrate industry-leading expertise. You may not be the largest health care practice, but with a high quality, educational newsletter, you can communicate that you’re on the cusp of the latest developments and trends in your specialty.

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