Newsletters Raise Financial Planners’ Credibility

July 20, 2016    By Becky Sheetz ()

Newsletters Raise Financial Planners' Credibility

How solid are your relationships with your clients? Certainly, you have some die-hard, extremely loyal clients. But what about the majority of them? Are they committed to having you manage all of their financial planning needs? Are you the first person they come to for advice? Or are you just one more voice they hear?

If you are like most financial planners, your clients are hearing more voices than ever when it comes to managing their wealth―from radio and TV personalities to local seminars to word-of-mouth from family and friends. Some of these voices are considered highly authoritative. 

Amid all of this, successful financial planners know that they must reinforce their credibility to maintain client loyalty on an ongoing basis. That is why many of them are turning to newsletters. Read Financial Advisers Finding More Opportunities Through Social Media for more tips on how to market your practice.

Newsletter marketing for financial planners builds client loyalty

Newsletters build and maintain the perception that the financial planning firms using them are the authorities in their field. When your clients receive the quarterly newsletter Money at Work on your practice’s behalf, they will be reminded of your expertise. Articles like these will reinforce the idea that you are the expert on a range of topics relevant to their financial future:

Newsletters for financial planners educate and inform readers

Newsletters send the message to your clients and prospective clients that you care about their financial health and provide a valuable boost to your perceived credibility. A newsletter may contain an article that reminds them of an investment or planning topic they need to discuss with you. Or another article may spark their interest in a new way you can help them, thus encouraging them to contact you to learn more.

Newsletters keep clients coming back to you for scheduled appointments

Newsletters keep your practice top-of-mind and serve as useful reminders to schedule an appointment for optimal financial health. In this way, they help nurture critical face-to-face relationships, thereby enhancing credibility and building practices.

With newsletter marketing, your financial planning firm will keep its message in front of your audience on an ongoing basis. To stay at the top of your profession, be sure your voice is the one they hear from—consistently and meaningfully. 

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