Newsletter Marketing Impacts

December 6, 2016    By Becky Sheetz ()

Newsletter Marketing Impacts

At WPI Communications, Inc., we’ve seen again and again that patient newsletters are powerful tools for dentists. And we like to share studies and findings with our readers to help them understand the impact of dental newsletter marketing. While this data is about newsletter and e-mail marketing in general, we hope you can see how it applies to dentists. Email Marketing Stats 101: Things All Business Owners Should Know, Outbound Engine shares some interesting e-mail metrics and insight that dentists will do well to study for their patient eNewsletters.

Whether you have a practice newsletter or are considering starting one, read on!

People like e-mail. Seriously!
Sixty-one percent of consumers enjoy receiving promotional e-mails weekly, and 28 percent would like e-mails to come even more frequently, according to MarketingSherpa research. When an e-mail arrives at the right moment, it’s helpful Amid Holiday Sweets, Dental Newsletters Bring Patients a Sweet Oral Health Reminder.

This may be surprising for dentists who may believe that if they send a patient eNewsletter, it will just get ignored. This data and other research like it demonstrate that people do like to get e-mails from brands and companies they like and trust. This means you, their dentist. A far cry from spam, your dental newsletters are valued communications.

E-mail marketing has a strong ROI! 
For every dollar spent on e-mail marketing, the DMA National Client Email Report 2015 reported that e-mail—including eNewsletters—generates $38 in return on investment (ROI). That is a very impressive ROI.

Dentists who don’t engage in newsletter marketing may mistakenly assume that it doesn’t have a strong return. However, as the Direct Marketing Association and others have demonstrated, the return can indeed be very strong indeed. Consider how you can apply this to patient newsletters, once you check out our 5 Tips to Reaching Your Dental Patients with E-mail.

You can further impact that ROI
Personalized e-mail subject lines increase open rates for consumer products and services companies by 41.8 percent, says MarketingSherpa.

The simple act of including your patient’s name in your eNewsletter will have a big impact in your open rates.

Recipients decide whether your e-mails are attention-worthy in 0 to 3 seconds, according to the US Consumer Device Preference Report. This means that the subject line and initial first impression the newsletter makes must be solid. If the eNewsletter fails to open properly in the reader’s browser or mobile device, they’ll almost always move on immediately.

Dental eNewsletter marketing is art and science. Contact us to find out how we can help you get results with a patient newsletter.

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