Most Dental Marketing Plans Miss This Influential Audience

November 10, 2016    By Becky Sheetz ()

Most Dental Marketing Plans Miss This Influential Audience

How are you marketing to your professional colleagues who send you referrals? What about those who used to send you referrals but have since slowed to a trickle or stopped? And what about those potential sources who are referring patients to other dentists, but not yet to you?

Perhaps the phrase “marketing to” is somewhat distracting. After all, if you’re like most dentists, you want to be seen as an expert at your profession, not as a slick salesman. The good news is that you can still be highly regarded as a respected professional while reaching all three influential referral sources. How? With a dental newsletter that goes to your past, present and future referring dentists.

Outpace your peers who miss these audiences
Dentists who use referral newsletters consistently outperform their peers whose dental marketing plans are either inadequate or entirely miss this audience of professional colleagues.

Many orthodontists, oral surgeons, periodontists and other dental specialists do undertake initiatives to reach referring dentists, but they often find that these good intentions too easily fall by the wayside. It takes time, consistency, persistence and patience to reach busy referring dentists. After all, the busiest ones will be the best referral sources, so it stands to reason that their attention will be the most difficult to gain.

Getting that attention—on an ongoing basis—is one of the primary benefits of referral-generating newsletters. These educational marketing tools reach your current and prospective referring sources’ desks on a regular basis, keeping your practice top of mind. So instead of utilizing many of your office’s resources to plan a special event for invited dental colleagues or working to schedule one-on-one meetings, you’ll benefit from keeping top-quality content in front of them, as a reoccurring reminder. 11 Ways to Be More Memorable with Referring Dentists and Physicians is key to getting more referrals, too. It’s that easy to ensure that referring dentists associate excellence with your practice.

Of course, you can certainly schedule lunch-and-learns and other events. Just don’t expect these occasional events to hold this influential audiences’ attention after they end. You must stay in front of them regularly—all year long.

Make the best use of your team’s time
Most dental specialists don’t have the resources to initiate, build and maintain a newsletter marketing program. That’s why they use the professional dental referral newsletters from WPI Communications. From excellent content that will keep your readers informed on the latest in your specialty to attractive design to even building and maintaining your mailing list, WPI Communications handles it all. You can focus on dentistry.

To keep your practice successful, you absolutely must reach referring colleagues in an easy, cost-effective and powerful way. Let us help you.

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