Make Your eNewsletter Sign-up Process Simple

July 7, 2016    By Becky Sheetz ()

Make Your eNewsletter Sign-up Process Simple

How easy do you make it for your clients or patients to sign up for your newsletter? Make it easy, and more of your current―and future―clients and patients will opt in to these communications. It really is that simple!

Let them sign up via your Web site

You should have a quick and easy “sign up for our newsletter” button on your Web site. For best results, it should be easy to find on your home page. That way, you are able to reach your existing patients or clients as well as broaden your audience to prospects.

With an easy-to-use button, readers can quickly enter their name and e-mail address and click “submit.” Their contact information goes to your office, often via e-mail, and you can add it to your newsletter database. This makes it possible to keep in touch with these people on a regular basis, all year long, with content that educates and informs.

Don’t ask for too much

When it comes to signing up via your Web site, don’t ask for too much information. Previously, marketers required would-be subscribers to provide more details than they do today. According to a study by Return Path, 33% of today’s marketers require only a subscriber’s e-mail address to sign up for a marketing program, compared with 20% just five years ago.

To add to your newsletter readership, just ask visitors to your Web site to provide their name and e-mail address. It’s also a good idea to invite them to contact you for more information about your practice. But when it comes to what you ask for, limit the requirements. Remove any barriers to entry. See How to Build a Great Newsletter Subscriber List for more ideas on how to grow your list of contacts.

Easy subscribing for viral readers

Your newsletter should also be easy for readers to share with friends and colleagues. I know from experience that newsletter subscriptions can increase immediately after they’re distributed. That’s because they get shared with colleagues, who also choose to opt in. Make it easy for these people by adding a “subscribe to our newsletter” option in each newsletter you send.

Make them feel welcomed
We recommend that practices welcome new subscribers with a personal e-mail. By sending a welcome e-mail, you give readers a preview of what they can expect from your newsletter. This also provides an opportunity for you to reinforce your commitment to the people you serve and even invite them to contact your office for more information. If you’re really marketing savvy, you can use a welcome e-mail to invite the reader to take advantage of a special introductory offer at your practice.

You should also send them an issue of your most recent newsletter. After all, they’re interested in you. Now is the time to capitalize on that!

No matter what you do, make it easy, and watch your newsletter subcriptions increase.  

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