Make Former Pediatric Dental Patients Lucrative Again

February 23, 2016    By Becky Sheetz ()

Making Former Pediatric Dental Patients Lucrative Again

It seems that pediatric dentists often have a difficult time retaining patients. Successful pediatric dentists work hard to keep their patients, even those whose treatments have lapsed. Because it costs five times more to attract a new patient than it does to keep an existing one, patient retention is critical to dental practice success. So, too, is working to recover “lost” patients. It’s essential that your pediatric dental practice invest in retaining and recovering lost patients. Here are four ways to turn those former patients back into revenue.

1. Systematic follow-up

How solid is your process for following up with parents who bring their children in for new-patient examinations and consultations? Your follow-up should occur relatively soon after their appointment, and it should be thorough in order to answer most of their potential questions. Be sure to address potential parent fears, concerns or hesitations. Effective and systematic follow-up will go a long way toward improving case acceptance.

2. Send newsletters to current and lapsed patient families

Family newsletters should be part of your pediatric dentistry marketing program. Not only should active families in good standing receive newsletters, but those who are long overdue for a visit to your office should as well. Don’t unsubscribe readers just because you haven’t seen them in a while. Your newsletter will help maintain steady, informative communication that they will value. Keep in touch with all of your families―current and past―with a patient newsletter, such as Pediatric Dental Bites. This reminds parents who have allowed their child’s treatments to lag of the importance of getting back into a healthy routine.

Newsletters also educate readers about all the ways you can contribute to their children’s oral health. With educational articles about dental research, treatment options and oral health conditions, your newsletter will inform them of the various care options you can provide. 

3. Personalize mailers to welcome families back

Give parents a good reason to bring their children back to you for treatment. Some pediatric dental practices send personalized mailers to encourage patients to return. These should reinforce the importance of keeping up with children’s oral health needs, and remind them that you value the opportunity to serve their families. The #1 Benefit of Newsletter Marketing: Building Relationships.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that inactive patients won’t return to your practice. You’ll find that some just need to hear from you. In fact, many parents appreciate being contacted to reconnect. This helps move dental care to the top of their priority list.

4. Bonus Tip: Don’t forget about referring professionals

Marketing directly to families is important, but so is marketing to referring pediatricians and dentists. Don’t forget to stay in touch, even with potential referring providers who haven’t sent you referrals in a while―or ever―with a pediatric referral newsletter, such as Pediatric Dentistry Update.  

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