January Is the Most Popular Month for Patient Appointments

January 10, 2017    By Becky Sheetz ()

January Is the Most Popular Month for Patient Appointments

According to research by ZocDoc, a service that helps patients to book appointments online, January is the most popular month for appointments. This is good news for dental practices that want to start the new year strong. Learn about this finding and more at dental patient trends at Dentistry IQ.

Is January typically a strong month for you? What are other seasonal peaks for your dental practice? For some it’s the start of school in September or before students go back to college in August. Make sure you know the trends for your practice. That way you can calculate those peaks into your marketing plan for the year. You can plan activities to drive additional patient appointments to those peak times. Just because those times are busy, doesn’t mean they can’t be even more busy!

What about your slow times?
Similarly, what are your slower times of year? Consider scheduling some marketing activities to help you increase patient flow around those times and keep your appointment calendar full. Consider a special promotion, discount or creative push for new patient referrals, and boost appointment bookings. You can come up with some creative, fun and cost-effective options if you give it some thought.

Build patient loyalty all year long with a newsletter
There will always be times of the year when your schedule is brimming. For many dentists, it’s difficult to focus much attention on marketing efforts when their workday is complete. Monthly patient eNewsletters are a terrific solution to that common problem.

Not only will you keep your practice in front of patients all year long—an important activity for any dentist whose patients have options—but you’ll also be able to use your newsletter to highlight seasonal activities for your dental office. These newsletters serve as reminders to your patients to keep their appointments and treatments on track. And this helps you to get and keep your schedule fuller and consistent throughout the year on a more predictable basis.

No matter what your peak seasons, one will be here soon. What will you do to make the most of it?

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