“Let Me Introduce Myself”

August 16, 2012    By Ken Berry

Send an introductory letter with your newsletter

Are you a new subscriber to a client newsletter program? You’re likely to find this to be a rewarding experience and an efficient and professional means to generate additional revenue and cement existing business relationships. But you will also find that your newsletter program can be more effective if you take a few extra steps along the way.

Here’s a good example: Say the copies of your inaugural issue arrive at your office. Most new subscribers will simply stick the newsletters in envelopes, slap labels with mailing addresses on them and mail the copies. On the other end, the newsletters show up unannounced in clients’ mailboxes. There’s no explanation about what they are receiving, why they are receiving it and when they can expect to receive it again.

A better approach is to enclose an introductory letter with the first issue. Naturally, you can create a single word processing file for this purpose. By using mail merge functions, you or someone at your practice should be able to customize the addressee names for a personal touch. Then you can print out all the letters on your stationery. 

Use this letter to reintroduce your practice, discuss the reasons for distributing the newsletter and explain how often it will be arriving. Also, let your clients know that you’re available to discuss the topics covered in the newsletter or any other pertinent matters. 

Sure, your clients would know where the newsletter is coming from anyway, because it has your practice’s information imprinted on the front or back page. But this one-time addition presents your practice in a more professional manner, establishes a closer connection with your clients and will likely generate more inquiries. Remember: It’s the small things that add up.

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