How to Make Your Practice Newsletter Matter to Your Clients

September 6, 2017    By Becky Sheetz ()

How to Make Your Practice Newsletter Matter to Your Clients

Whether you receive e-mail, snail mail or both, you know that not all newsletters are created equal. If you are like most readers, your in-box includes some unwanted mail that prompts you to unsubscribe, some that you scan and others that you spend more time reviewing—and may even look forward to receiving.

Why do readers like you spend more time reading some newsletters than others? No matter the type of newsletter, it comes down to a few factors:

Who is the sender?
The organization sending the newsletter is critical. To get readers’ attention, a newsletter almost always has to come from someone they know. If not, they are very likely to ignore it. The sender must be someone the reader trusts—and cares about—or they will not be inclined to pay attention.

Professional practices meet all these criteria. Clients care about newsletters from their accounting firm, for example, because they know, trust and care about the practice.

Is the content relevant?
Without content readers care about, you will not get or keep their attention. To use the accounting firm example again, even the most loyal fans will not be interested in a newsletter that lacks topics that relate to them. If your client is an entrepreneur and all the articles are targeted to large businesses, your newsletter will not be seen as valuable.

A great newsletter is highly relevant to its readers.

Is it well designed?
Even the most relevant content from the most trusted source will be met with reluctance if the newsletter is not well designed. With so many factors at play today—a multitude of mobile platforms readers use, the immediacy and convenience of the Internet, and the rapid need for information—your readers expect to be able to consume content quickly and easily. Your newsletter should support that expectation with quality design and functionality. It must work well and be simple to scan and navigate.

Moreover, your newsletter articles should be short and include easy-to-understand data points.

Is it sent with an appropriate frequency?
Sent from a law firm, a weekly newsletter is probably overkill; a quarterly newsletter with practical information and relevant industry news is far more suitable. However, a newsletter sent quarterly to dental patients probably is not frequent enough. As a general rule—and there are exceptions—professional practices should maintain contact with their patients or clients on a monthly basis to ensure they reap the benefits of newsletter marketing—and meaningfully stay in touch. 

It’s not easy to consistently deliver a high-quality newsletter that matters to your readers. Call WPI Communications, Inc., at 800-323-4995 or e-mail us at to learn more about how we can help you design, develop and deliver a relevant, impactful newsletter for your clients or patients.

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