How to Increase Retina Patient Referrals from Other Physicians

April 13, 2018    By Steven Klinghoffer ()

How to Increase Retina Patient Referrals from Other Physicians

Increasing the flow of new patients to your retina practice is critical to its financial success.

If you had more time, perhaps you could regularly meet one-on-one with every endocrinologist, geriatrician, internist and primary care physician who might be a potential referral source. However, the reality is that you probably don’t have the time. And even if you did, you might not be comfortable with this direct approach.

Over the years, we have developed a tasteful, professional solution that enables you to maintain a top-of-mind presence with your referring non-ophthalmic physicians—without being pushy.

Retina Update is a personalized, quarterly, educational newsletter that you can send to every non-ophthalmic physician in your community who might refer patients to your practice.

Establish Yourself as the Leading Authority on Retinal Diseases in Your Community

Every issue of Retina Update is carefully written and designed to grab the attention of non-ophthalmic physicians. By distributing concise summaries of the latest retina research and treatments, you educate physicians about the many ways you can help their patients. Recent issues have included articles on

You can send Retina Update to a broad group of physicians. You don’t necessarily need to know each one of them personally, because you are providing a valuable service, not directly asking for referrals.

The concept is simple: On a systematic basis, you keep your name in front of other physicians. Then, when the need to make a referral arises, whom are they likely to think of first? Over the years, Retina Update has proven to be effective in generating more patient referrals.

Your Own Custom Newsletter

Each copy of Retina Update will be personally customized with your name, address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address and website. You can even include your photograph. Finally, there is a cost-effective method of keeping your name in front of referring physicians all year long—in a tasteful, ethical and dignified manner.

Don't Lose Out to Another Retina Practice in Your Community

If Retina Update were offered to all retina specialists, even those in the same practice area, it would not be very effective. Therefore, Retina Update is offered on a geographically exclusive basis. It is licensed to only one retina practice in a community. Otherwise, the program simply would not work.

How can you expect your retina practice to grow without takings steps to market it?

Don’t lose out to the competition. To find out whether your practice area is still available, call us today at 800-323-4995 or e-mail us at

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