How to Determine if You Should Outsource Your Newsletter or Keep It In-house?

August 18, 2016    By Becky Sheetz ()

How to Determine if You Should Outsource Your Newsletter or Keep It In-house?

It’s easy for many professional practices to make the determination that they want to reach clients or patients with a newsletter. They see the value in regular, informative communications. Successful peers are distributing newsletters, and it works for them.

For some professionals, the difficult decision is whether to develop and distribute their newsletter internally or outsource it to a practice newsletter marketing company. Venturing into a project outside of your usual professional activities presents unforeseen challenges: The Dangers of Creating Your Own Practice Newsletter.

This blog presents some facts and questions that will help you make the best determination for your practice.

Do you have the resources?

This is the most significant question. Do you have ample and skilled internal resources to develop the newsletter and write content? You can choose a template from a service like Constant Contact, but you’ll still need skilled staff to use the tool. You’ll need to develop regular content that will be meaningful to your readers. And you’ll need to ensure it’s error free and professional before you send it to your clients and prospects.

This is the most essential question for practices, many of which begin a newsletter program, but soon realize it requires more work than they had anticipated. Carefully consider if you have the wherewithal it takes before you embark on this journey.

Is your marketing budget tight?

Of course, there is a cost associated with outsourcing your practice newsletters. If your practice is fairly new and has a marketing budget that’s bootstrapped and lean on dollars, it may be unrealistic for you to outsource your newsletter.

However, you may find that the costs are worth the investment and that outsourcing is more cost-effective than you had anticipated, particularly when you calculate how much time it will require for your staff. 

Do you have an adequate database?

Whether you choose to e-mail or send print newsletters, you’ll need a database. This means that your patients’ or clients’ contact information must be current. Plus, it must be robust enough to reach your patient base. If you don’t have the database, or a plan to build one, you’ll be headed for an uphill battle.

Is your staff deadline driven?

Is your team able to carry a newsletter project to completion on a regular basis, month after month or quarter after quarter? This is a resource question, as well as a question about how you operate. If you’re unable to keep to a regular schedule publishing your newsletter, we advise you to outsource. Consistency is critical. Again, too many newsletter programs fail because the internal staff is incapable of dedicating the necessary resources to the project on a regular basis.

If, after reading this, you’re considering outsourcing your newsletter to a trusted provider, contact us. We’re happy to answer all your practice newsletter marketing questions.

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