How to Build a Great Newsletter Subscriber List

March 8, 2016    By Becky Sheetz ()

How to Build a Great Newsletter Subscriber List

It takes effort to build a newsletter subscriber list. And once you have built a list, it takes effort to keep the subscribers. It’s far easier to lose subscribers than to get them.

Building a solid newsletter subscriber list is work. But it’s well worth the effort when you consider what it can mean for your professional practice. With a great subscriber list, you’ll have the foundation you need to keep excellent quality, informative patient or client newsletters in front of readers all year long. You’ll have the ability to build relationships and further establish your credibility.

A quality newsletter subscriber list is key to the success of your newsletter marketing solution. Think about how you can Create, Maintain and Grow Your E-mail List. The following tips can help.

Let them know what’s in it for them
You won’t get many subscribers unless you make it clear what’s in it for them. Let readers know what they have to gain from your newsletter, from educational content that will help them better do their jobs or manage their health, to access to special offers and discounts, and perhaps other benefits. It’s not enough to simply ask them to subscribe. You have to give them a good reason! Ask yourself, Does Your Marketing E-mail Have a Call to Action?

Give them an incentive
Offer a free gift, entry into a drawing or a coupon code for a discount for subscribing. This will give readers an incentive to sign up. Make it clear that this is a benefit that nonsubscribers don’t have.

Promote the newsletter
Promote the newsletter in your office, on your Web site and through social media. And be sure to make sign-up easy. If it takes more than a few seconds, many people won’t complete it. You can ask optional questions, but what you really need to capture is the e-mail address of the reader.

Don’t abuse your list
Don’t overuse your subscriber list by sending out too many e-mails. Use it for your newsletter, as well as any necessary updates or notifications your patients or clients need to see. If you bombard subscribers too frequently, they will pay much less attention to your e-mails. This will greatly diminish the value of your practice newsletter mailing list.

Consistently deliver excellent content
All of these tips will help you attract new subscribers. But keeping readers is just as important as acquiring them. If your newsletter doesn’t provide value, or is focused mainly on sales pitches, people will unsubscribe or possibly even report your newsletter as spam.

If you follow these tips, you’ll build an outstanding subscriber list of people who are past, current or future patients or clients. These loyal readers will tell others about your practice, too. 

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