How Often to Send Out Newsletters?

February 26, 2013    By Ken Berry

How Often to Send Out Newsletters?

Let’s start this discussion with a few basic assumptions: Say you’ve already been “sold” on the idea of using a client, patient or referral newsletter for your professional practice, you’ve decided to use an independent newsletter provider and you’re willing to do whatever it takes to get your newsletter “out there.”

That could mean addressing envelopes for the intended recipients, stuffing newsletters into the envelopes, attaching the required postage and shipping them through the mail. Or maybe your firm sends its newsletter via e-mail and the e-mail addresses have to be gathered. The online newsletter could replace or complement your printed copies. In any event, you’ll probably have one or more staff members handle the “heavy lifting,” although you might  pitch in with some help yourself.

But the question remains: How often should you send your practice’s newsletter? It’s important that it keeps showing up in each recipient’s mailbox (postal or electronic) on a regular basis. If years go by between copies’ arrival, the newsletter is not likely to have much impact, if any. On the other hand, you probably don’t want to bombard your client, patient or referral base with a missive every day, either.

Find the proper balance that best suits your firm. For most professional practitioners, a monthly or quarterly newsletter will do the trick (but you might send e-mail blasts weekly). Frequently, CPAs and accountants who want to keep their readers abreast of the ever-changing tax laws and other IRS developments will prefer to send their clients a newsletter each month, while attorneys, financial planners, physicians and dentists may opt for a quarterly distribution. But if you wait any longer than that, you will be likely be diluting the marketing benefit.

This requires a certain stick-to-itiveness. You can’t become lax and miss a quarter just because you and your staff are busy. Make it a top priority for the assigned employees to handle matters in a timely fashion. Note that it can be just as much of a problem if your newsletters are distributed late as not sending them all. Who wants to hear on April 16 about tax action you should take by April 15th? No one.

Give your newsletter program a chance to work through the repetition of timely information that will be appreciated by your readers. Avoid taking a haphazard approach, and you’ll start to see reap the benefits.

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