How Often Should You Send Dental Patient Newsletters?

August 25, 2016    By Becky Sheetz ()

How Often Should You Send Dental Patient Newsletters?

How often should I send my newsletter? This is a common question for dentists looking for the most appropriate balance for their patient contact programs. They want to send the right number of communications to their patients, without too much time lapsing between their newsletters. As a consummate professional, you must be distinguished from others who send a slew of marketing e-mails. And unless e-mails come from your favorite brands, you probably ignore these too-frequent messages.

What’s the best frequency?

You understand that your patients want more than a transactional arrangement with their dentist. They desire—and deserve—relationships based on trust. Thus, your newsletter frequency must mirror your professionalism.

Ros Hodgekiss, community manager of the e-mail marketing company Campaign Monitor, says that both underestimating and overestimating newsletter frequency are common mistakes across all industries. According to their survey, 53% of consumers reported getting too many e-mails from retailers. However, 44% said they receive the right amount.

That data describes retailers, who will communicate with much greater frequency than professional practices do. But the takeaway point for dentists is that your patients value hearing from you. This is especially true if you’re offering valuable and informative content.

How can you tell if your frequency is right?

The best way to know if you’re communicating at the proper frequency will be evident in your eNewsletter analytics. Are readers opening your newsletter? Are they clicking through to links in different articles? And importantly, are they sharing your newsletter with others? What about special offers and promotions? Are they taking advantage of those promoted in your newsletter?

Review your newsletter unsubscribe rate. If you increase your frequency of sending newsletters, but then see an increase in unsubscribes, that would be a useful indicator. It may also be that your content is less valuable. When generating valuable information, you must put patients first.

Keep in mind that declining open rates could result from a number of factors. Among them could be poor subject lines, content that’s viewed as meaningless to readers or even changes in your user database that may include readers who find your newsletter irrelevant.

But also consider whether or not you may be sending your newsletter too infrequently. If readers become unaccustomed to seeing it appear in their inboxes, your current newsletter will be an anomaly.

Steve Klinghoffer, president of WPI Communications, Inc., recommends that dentists send their dental patient eNewsletters once a month. Based on his 32 years of experience in newsletter marketing services for professionals, he has found that the once-a-month formula gets dentists their best “bang for their buck.”

If you would like to discuss this topic in more detail or if you have any questions about how you can best use a newsletter marketing program to build your dental practice, feel free to give Steve a call at 800-323-4995 or e-mail him at

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