How Busy Dentists Can Manage a Newsletter Program

March 28, 2017    By Becky Sheetz ()

How Busy Dentists Can Manage a Newsletter Program

Your dental office is busy. Congratulations! That’s a good thing! But don’t make the mistake we’ve seen so many of your busy peers make over the years. Don’t get caught up in the cycle of patient demand and stop marketing your dental practice.

It’s a common scenario. A practice is busy. The schedule is full, and the referrals are coming in regularly from patients and professional colleagues. It’s a challenge to keep up the pace. Patient flow is so brisk that the practice adjusts its office hours to accommodate the demand.

That all sounds pretty grand. So what’s the problem, you’re probably asking? The problem is that when schedules are full, practices too often pause their marketing activities, from patient outreach to referral-provider marketing. These practices usually know that the high demand will not keep up, but they’re too busy to do much about it.

Make your patient newsletter turnkey

We aren’t going to stretch the truth. Developing a useful, meaningful and educational newsletter that your patients will enjoy reading takes time. But your busy office can simplify the process. Here are some ways to do it:

Find a good template. Popular newsletter services like Constant Contact and MailChimp, to name only two, make it relatively easy for you to find a template so you don’t have to fully design your own. You can search suggested templates for medical providers.

Write brief stories. With e-mail marketing and the Internet in general, less is more. Try to keep your articles short and avoid technical jargon. Simple and straightforward is the tone you want for patient newsletters—not clinical or complex.

Include your staff picture. Use the same picture in every issue, unless there are changes to your staff. Feel free to change it up for holidays or a special theme, but you need not update the picture with every issue. Pictures are important, so make sure yours are clear and flattering! Check out these tips for dental social media headshots.

Build a schedule. Institute a schedule for when the content has to be completed and added to the template. Distribute the newsletter on a regular basis, and stick to it. This discipline will make your life easier as you build good processes for your practice.

Write when you have time. Avoid the crunch to develop content for each newsletter. We recommend that patient newsletters be distributed once a month, which means you’ll have an ongoing need to develop fresh content. Consider carving out time to develop content for multiple newsletters rather than trying to rush every month. This will enable you to develop higher quality articles for your readers and benefit from being “in the groove” by setting aside writing days.

Outsource it! As the highly respected and well-known newsletter marketing firm for dentists, we are proponents of outsourcing your dental newsletter. We recognize the challenge practices face in developing a top-quality patient newsletter—as well as the difficulty of keeping a good thing going.

Contact us to find out just how easy it can be to keep your practice busy all year round with the help of a great newsletter.

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