Having Trouble Mailing Your Newsletters? We Have Solutions

May 24, 2012    By Sari Klinghoffer

a stack of letters bound by string

As I talk with customers who purchase newsletters from us, about the worst thing I could hear from them is that they have stacks of newsletters in their offices that they have not yet mailed. Generally, we ship customized newsletters to small practices, and then they send it to their referral sources. Sometimes addressing and mailing newsletters sinks to the bottom of the priority list.

If you outsource your newsletter production but have a difficult time mailing them, we suggest two solutions:

  1. Use a mailing service. Many small companies will address and mail your materials for a fee. At WPI, we offer this service at three different levels. At the top, or platinum, level, we maintain the customer’s mailing list, inkjet addresses onto matching envelopes, insert the custom-imprinted newsletters and then mail them at standard rates. For a handful of our customers, this service keeps their newsletter marketing program running in a smooth, efficient manner. For more on our EZ List mailing services, check out our Web site.
  2. Send an eNewsletter. We have already weighed the pros and cons of paper vs eNewsletters. While paper has its benefits, many practices find eNewsletters to be much more efficient. Once the content is prepared, the newsletter is “shipped” with the click of a mouse. No envelopes, stamps or trips to the post office! And once your e-mail is sent, most eNewsletter providers can provide you with a wealth of data on who opened your e-mail, who shared certain articles via social media, etc. We currently offer eNewsletters for accountants and physical therapists in HTML format. If you are interested in an eNewsletter for another type of practice or small business, please drop me a note and we can discuss a content marketing solution for your practice or small business.

If a mailing service or eNewsletter is not suitable for your practice, consider at least importing your mailing list into an Excel spreadsheet. Once that is done, printing labels for your newsletter mailing should be quick and easy—and you should be able to send your newsletters on time.

Remember, your newsletter marketing program can only be successful if your newsletters reach their recipients. If sending newsletters in the mail is problematic for your practice, call me 800-323-4995 or e-mail me and we can discuss a solution for your marketing needs.

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