Hand-Deliver Your Newsletter on Occasion

June 29, 2012    By Sari Klinghoffer

two people shaking hands

Making sure your content is noticed amid a flood of information is probably the biggest challenge in content marketing. Rule #1 is to deliver informative content your audience will value and appreciate.

Additionally, while electronic newsletters are efficient marketing solutions for many professional practices, paper newsletters have an edge in visibility as the quantity of snail mail decreases and e-mail increases. Having spoken with hundreds of practices who utilize a newsletter marketing program, I have found that some professionals opt, on occasion, to forego snail mail and e-mail. Instead, they hand-deliver their newsletters.

This delivery technique is not for everyone. Usually, it is used by health care practices with at least a part-time marketer who can visit referring professionals.

But even if your resources are slim, you might hand-deliver your newsletter on occasion. For example, if you are a physical therapist dropping in on an orthopedist who is on your newsletter mailing list, you might pull that orthopedist’s newsletter from the outgoing mail and instead bring the newsletter in person. You might discuss one of the newsletter articles that you feel is especially relevant or one that relates to a patient you and the orthopedist have in common.

Of course, if you rarely visit your newsletter recipients in person, we have suggested several other ways to make your newsletter marketing program more personal. But for some, a face-to-face meeting can be a great way to pass along valuable information.

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