Generate More Pediatric Dental Patient Referrals—with No Extra Work for Your Staff

October 5, 2017    By Lauren Pollack

Generate More Pediatric Dental Patient Referrals—with No Extra Work for Your Staff

Every pediatric dentist wants to be the top choice for patient referrals from local pediatricians and general dentists. But if these medical professionals don’t know about your practice, or they don’t view you as the best of the best, they will, unfortunately, recommend other pediatric dentists to their patients over you. Can you afford to be overlooked?

Most pediatric dentists would say no, but might also view marketing and self-promotion as costly, time-consuming and even somewhat tacky. They would prefer to focus on other aspects of their practices. While that is reasonable, the truth is that you can increase your incoming patient referrals quickly, easily and tastefully—with no extra work for your staff. The solution is a professional newsletter.

We understand that “selling yourself” to your professional peers can be tricky. You don’t want to come across as needy, pushy or self-seeking. And you certainly don’t want to seem like a shifty salesperson. Most people can sense a desperate plea for money, leads—or in this case, patients—and will be disenchanted and disinclined to respond if your communication method is over-the-top. Instead, focus on what you can offer them. The ultimate goal is a mutually beneficial relationship between you and the pediatric health care providers in your area who regularly make dental referral decisions. Professional newsletters achieve that goal.

Develop a mutually beneficial relationship with referring health care providers
Reaching out to potential referring pediatricians and general dentists with a newsletter, such as Pediatric Dentistry Update, gives these professional colleagues something invaluable—well-researched, up-to-date information on topics that pertain to their area of expertise. Pediatric Dentistry Update covers a wide range of important oral health topics that affect children, such as traumatic dental injuries, primary tooth eruption, and the relationship between breastfeeding and cavities. If you don’t educate your area pediatricians on the latest findings in these areas, will they necessarily be aware?

Besides pertinent, useful information in the field of pediatric dentistry, what else is “in it” for the referring health care provider? In a way, their reputation. If a local pediatrician refers a patient to you and you provide that patient with the utmost care, he or she is now highly satisfied with two medical professionals. The parent might think, “Wow, my child’s pediatrician made a great referral!” That reflects well on the pediatrician, too, which goes a long way in today’s world of scrolling Yelp reviews and eyeing Groupon for dental deals.

Generate a steady flow of new patient referrals with a professional newsletter
It takes just two easy steps—and WPI Communications does all the work for you:

Step 1
After a brief telephone conversation with you or a designated staff member, we develop a complete list of all the pediatricians and general dentists in your area from whom you could—and should—be receiving patient referrals. Chances are, you will not even know some of the names on the list. That’s even better.

Step 2
We design a personalized version of Pediatric Dentistry Update newsletter just for you.

What is Pediatric Dentistry Update?
Pediatric Dentistry Update is an expertly designed, professionally written, quarterly educational newsletter that contains concise summaries of the latest research findings in pediatric dentistry—a valuable service that pediatricians greatly appreciate. Every time your colleagues receive this high-quality, informative, 4-page newsletter throughout the year, they’ll think of your practice.

“The newsletters have been beneficial to our practice. I believe they are having a measurable impact on our referrals from local and surrounding pediatricians. Most importantly, it gives us an opportunity to stay in contact with our referring pediatricians and provide them with quality information.”
—Jade Miller, DDS, Growing Smiles Pediatric Dentistry; Reno, Nevada; Subscriber since 2007

Getting Pediatric Dentistry Update in front of all your area pediatricians is not only easy but it requires no extra work for you or your staff. WPI Communications does all the work— researching, writing, editing, design, personalization, printing and generating a distribution list. We can even maintain your mailing list and handle the circulation of your newsletters. It is an excellent way to reach all your local pediatricians—especially those you have not yet met.

A newsletter gets you noticed
One factor in referring providers’ decisions about where to send their patients is sheer awareness of their available options. Whom do they know? Who comes to mind first? To be financially successful, pediatric dentists must maintain top-of-mind awareness and regular visibility with local pediatricians. It is critical to promote your practice consistently so that when a pediatrician is asked for a referral, they think of you. Without some form of regular contact, such as a newsletter program provides, you might accidentally let too much time lapse between correspondences. The Pediatric Dentistry Update newsletter program keeps your name in front of important, referral-minded decision-makers at an appropriate frequency that is never excessive.

Distinguish your pediatric dentistry practice from all the rest
By providing a valuable educational newsletter to referring pediatricians, you differentiate your practice from countless others. Each copy of Pediatric Dentistry Update is personalized with your name, logo, address, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail and website, as well as your practice photograph. There is no cold calling or direct asking for referrals with this educational newsletter.

The Pediatric Dentistry Update marketing program is offered on a geographically exclusive basis. It is licensed to only one pediatric dentistry practice in a community, giving the sender a competitive advantage. Remember, other pediatric dentistry practices in your area are also becoming aware of the benefits of newsletters, so the sooner you act, the sooner you’ll be the one to profit.

Satisfaction guaranteed
We are so sure that the Pediatric Dentistry Update newsletter program will lead to more patient referrals for your practice that we offer a no-nonsense guarantee: If, after the first six months of distributing Pediatric Dentistry Update, the value of new patient referrals does not exceed the cost of the program, please notify us, and we will refund the cost of your newsletters—no questions asked.

To learn more, contact us for a free information kit, including a sample of Pediatric Dentistry Update and a copy of our special report, The Complete Guide to Building a Profitable Dental Practice Through Newsletter Marketing.

For a no-obligation consultation, e-mail us or call 800-323-4995. Let us show you how we can help you easily, tastefully and effectively generate more patient referrals for your pediatric dentistry practice.

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