Generate More and Better Professional Referrals with a Newsletter

September 15, 2016    By Becky Sheetz ()

Generate More and Better Professional Referrals with a Newsletter

You know the reality of your referral flow. Having been in practice for years, you have more than seen the changes. You lived them. Dental specialists all over the country are contending with a declining pool of referring dentists, along with increased competition for treatment. It can seem overwhelming.

That’s why dental specialists like you, whether you are an endodontist, oral surgeon, orthodontist, prosthodontist, pediatric dentist, periodontist, or any other specialist, need to strive to generate more and better professional referrals. A quality newsletter is the ideal tool to achieve that end.

Converting referrers to the “A List”
To be a successful practice that’s ahead of the pack, you need to maintain and nurture your current dental referral sources. You can’t do this by hoping and assuming those relationships are solid. We have worked with specialists who at one time were deemed the premier provider with many solid referring relationships, only to find out that other practices were “out-hustling” them for referrals.

You must move your “B List” referrers to “A List” status. This means moving your practice up from the top three to five that receive patient referrals to number one.

Meanwhile, to do well in a climate of diminished referrals, you need to continually work to generate new referrals from among those doctors who have yet to know you.

Reaching these three audiences can be easy
“This sounds like a ton of work. When do I actually practice dentistry?” you may be thinking. While creating an all-star A List of professional referrals is an ongoing effort, it doesn’t need to be hard work for your practice. This is where dental newsletter marketing comes in. Referral-generating newsletters are ethical, tasteful and effective ways to reach each of these audiences and boost their loyalty to your practice—current all stars, the B List and those who don’t yet know and trust your practice.

Newsletters allow you to differentiate your practice from other dental specialists in your area, which is absolutely critical to thriving in a climate of diminished patient referrals. You’ll keep other dentists and referring doctors thinking of you with consistent and informative dental newsletters sent on a quarterly basis.

Contact us at 800-323-4995 or to find out just how easy it is to build a lucrative base of A List referral sources.

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